Week 28 of pregnancy

Congratulations on completing the second trimester! You are now in your last and the third trimester. This time, you would have a lot of sleepless … .

Week 27 of pregnancy

At week 27 of pregnancy, you are finishing the second trimester. The baby adds more pounds to your body. As the third-trimester starts, you will … .

Week 26 of pregnancy

Welcome to week 26 of pregnancy. The anticipation of the baby’s delivery grows and so does your belly. At week 26 of pregnancy, the uterus … .

Week 25 of pregnancy

In week 25 of pregnancy, the baby responds to loud noise. The actions get frequent and you can possibly feel a jerk inside you. At … .

Week 24 of pregnancy

By week 24 of pregnancy, you will get an idea of what motherhood looks like, the baby is doing just as fine and you are … .

week 23 of pregnancy

Week 23 of pregnancy

At Week 23 of pregnancy, Your baby is making a big debut of hearing sounds from the outside world. The hearing sense is getting better … .

Week 22 of pregnancy

In week 22 of pregnancy, your baby looks like a little newborn, with all the systems that are getting in place and working. The hands … .

Week 21 of pregnancy

Week 21 of pregnancy

Welcome to week 21 of pregnancy. Now that you are more than halfway there with your pregnancy and now you can feel the baby moving … .

How to not spoil a child ?

Of course, as a parent, you would want to make your kid happy, but if the parent gets way too lenient with the child, it … .