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Week 10 of pregnancy

Week 10 of pregnancy and you are about to reach the end of your first trimester. This might be the time you would probably tell … .

week 6 of pregnancy

Week 9 of pregnancy

The first two months of pregnancy are officially done and dusted. It is week 9 of pregnancy and as the muscles of the baby get … .

week 8 of pregnancy

Week 8 of pregnancy

Congratulations on your week 8 of pregnancy, your baby is gradually growing from fetus to fetus. You are officially two months pregnant!  The legs and … .

Week 7 of pregnancy

At week 7 of pregnancy, you can feel the baby inside, even though it might not be evident to others. You may have gained or … .

week 6 of pregnancy

Week 6 of pregnancy

The news of pregnancy might still be new to you, leaving you a little emotional to take it in, along with experiencing some new but … .

Week 5 of pregnancy

By now, you know that you missed your period. It is a major indicator that leads most women to take pregnancy tests. Week 5 of … .

week 4 of pregnancy

Week 4 of pregnancy

The little life that is breeding in you, which started just a week back, is ready to settle down and make home! The zygote is … .

Week 3 of pregnancy

Congratulations! If you have made it past the first two weeks of pregnancy, you have mostly conceived a baby at the beginning of pregnancy week … .

week 2 of pregnancy

Week 2 of pregnancy

It is week 2 of pregnancy of your 40-week pregnancy journey. You are not yet actually pregnant but you are looking forward to ovulating at … .

Week 1 of pregnancy

Week 1 of pregnancy

Congratulations on the start of your pregnancy journey. Usually, the first day is calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period. It may … .