week 23 of pregnancy

Week 23 of pregnancy

At Week 23 of pregnancy, Your baby is making a big debut of hearing sounds from the outside world. The hearing sense is getting better … .

Week 20 of pregnancy

During week 20 of pregnancy, you are halfway down the pregnancy journey. You will able to find the sex of the baby through an ultrasound … .

Week 19 of pregnancy

You are now in month five of pregnancy! It is week 19 of pregnancy, you would notice some growing pain as your uterus stretches to … .

week 18 of pregnancy

Week 18 of pregnancy

This week 18 of pregnancy you might feel the baby moving if you haven’t already last week. The baby can now hear the sound around … .

week 17 of pregnancy

Week 17 of pregnancy

In just the last two weeks, the baby has doubled this week! In week 17 of pregnancy, the fatty tissues start to form, it helps … .

week 16 of pregnancy

Week 16 of pregnancy

Now that you are in week 16 of pregnancy, there is a lot more you got to deal with this week. You might have a … .

Week 15 of pregnancy

At week 15 of pregnancy, you are most likely to feel high energy and libido. The thought of having a baby in less than a … .

week 14 of pregnancy

Week 14 of pregnancy

The second trimester brings a new set of changes and experiences in the pregnancy and you might feel easier and relieved for some time. In … .

week 13 of pregnancy

Week 13 of pregnancy

Well, congratulations to make it to week 13 of pregnancy and entering the last days of your first trimester! You can now deal less with … .

Week 12 of pregnancy

In week 12 of pregnancy, the baby bump might be visible as the fetus has doubled in size. You would look like you have gained … .