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It is completely normal to have fear over pregnancy. The whole experience is new, sensitive, and unpredictable. All the women who are expecting want their nine months period of pregnancy to go smoothly, without any complications. And guess what? It usually goes well. But sometimes, stressing over myths and false information does more harm than good. Go through this article, trust me, you will be a lot relieved!

Fear 1: Chances of miscarriage is higher

Truth: Most of the women feel tensed and worried that they might have a miscarriage, especially during the first few months of the pregnancy. This fear is more prevalent in women who are getting pregnant for the first time. But the good news is most of the pregnancies result in healthy babies and less than 20% end in miscarriage.

Also, most of the miscarriage happens within the first few weeks of pregnancy. So, if you have moved past the initial stage of pregnancy with ease, you can relieve themselves over the stress of miscarriage.

Miscarriage is a result of chromosomal abnormality which hinder the development of the baby and is completely uncontrollable. You can lower the risk by avoiding smoking or drinking and reducing the intake of caffeine.

Fear 2: What if my baby has a birth defect?

Truth: Every mom-to-be wants her baby to be healthy and perfect. Pregnant women hold their breath and look forward to positive results every time they take some necessary tests during the course of pregnancy. On the bright side, it is most likely that the baby is developing just as healthy and fine. The risk is almost 4 percent for a baby to have a birth defect in the most unlikely circumstances, inclusive of all kinds of abnormalities, whether serious or mild.

The best way you can protect your baby is by regularly taking prenatal vitamins every day as prescribed and multivitamins with Folic acid, as suggested by doctors to reduce brain and spinal damages or defects. You can talk about your fears, given it is associated with your family and age, as they might help you get a clear perspective over your fears.

Fear 3: My baby would have complications if I go to into labor too early

Truth: This is a common fear that pregnant women face as they approach the last stage of pregnancy. The rate of premature births has been steadily on the rise. But it is recorded that deliveries between 34 and 36 weeks have lower risk of complications and developmental issues.

To reduce the chances of premature delivery, it is important to avoid smoking and drinking, to get prenatal checkups regularly and intake vitamin supplements as prescribed by the doctors. It is important to have regular intakes of vitamins for almost a year, even prior to conception and during the period of pregnancy.

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Fear 4: I will be in lot of pain during my labor

Truth: As the woman waits for the labor day, it is clear that the baby needs an exit strategy. That’s when the fear of labor pain and post birth complications creeps in. From concerns about epidural procedure to having C-section, women can face anxiety relating to complications during procedure, health of the baby, dealing with side effects including numbness. Many women give birth through epidurals and they work well to reduce the pain.

It is an experience that every woman who has birthed a baby has gone through. As far as managing the pain, read about pain management techniques, take up childbirth classes or ask someone who has gone through the same fear and has overcome. You can discuss your fears with the doctors and get a fresh perspective to deal with these fears.

Fear 5: The pregnancy stress can hurt my baby

Truth: Blame it on the crazy pregnancy hormones that make pregnant women feel exhausted and sick. Most of the time, they feel a bit on the edge and face crippling emotions that stress them out. But stressing over the stress is pointless, it will only exaggerate the problem.

Pregnancy stress has a very minimal impact on the baby. If you find yourself getting tense, find ways to reclaim your calm at the end of the bad day. Remember, worrying over stress and anxiety increases the problem and can lead to chronic headaches.

Fear 6: Accidentally hurting the fetus

Truth: During the period of pregnancy, mothers-to-be fear over accidentally hurting their baby. Women fear to roll over during sleep or have a fall, or any accident resulting in mishaps that most likely may cause damage to the baby. However, the fetus is protected by a fluid, called amniotic acid, which not only provides nutrition to the baby but also acts as a shock absorber.

So, small mishaps don’t cause much of a problem for the baby. Falling down is pretty common during pregnancy due to weight gain, protruding pregnant belly. You can avoid losing your balance by walking slowly, wearing supportive shoes, and being mindful of the surrounding.

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Fear 7: Postpartum depression

Truth: The post-delivery period is filled with countless emotions. You may feel joyful to sadness constantly. It also includes mood swings and it may interfere with your daily life, you are most likely going through postpartum depression

You can overcome PPD naturally by doing regular exercise, intaking multivitamin supplements regularly as prescribed, maintaining a healthy diet, and taking enough rest. Speaking about your problems and seeking help would help you get a positive outlook and cope up with depression

Fear 8: Will my baby be stillborn?

Truth: Many moms are also worried that they might birth a stillborn baby. It is usually due to fetal death within 20 weeks of pregnancy. However the chances are as low as 0.6 percent, The chances of such mishaps can be avoided significantly if you eat right, don’t smoke or drink alcohol and limit the consumption of caffeine. In case the mother has some medical condition, consult a doctor and take medicines as advised to lower the risk. Feeling better?

Fear 9: Not being a good mother

Truth: An identity of women as a mother would be very foreign and a new experience, especially for the first-time mothers. Being a parent causes significant change in everyday life. In the midst of taking care of themselves, many women fear over their responsibility as mothers. It is mind-blowing that the ability of humans to bond is endless.

Having such fears over your responsibility as a mother signifies that you deeply care about your child, And when you deeply care about your action, you are definitely on your way to become a good mom.

Fear 10: I will never lose my baby weight

Truth: Every woman who has delivered a baby, worries about getting her pre baby body back. The worry doesn’t go away by watching celebrities getting back to fit. Even though 20 percent of the women retain pregnancy weight, there are ways in which you can shed the extra weight due to pregnancy.

One of the most natural ways in which women shed their body fat is through breastfeeding, which increases metabolism. Also, before jumping into sports gear to shed the excess body weight, it is important to consult a doctor and to ensure that the body weight is maintained as recommended, especially for a few months after delivery.It is important to ensure to have well balanced calories intake to meet nutritional demand for nursing. 

Fear 11: I may embarrass myself during delivery

Truth: Usually women get conscious about themselves knowing that doctors and nurses would be around while they curse out over their husbands, poop on the table or even vomit in front of doctors. But the truth is that most of the doctors and nurses deliver countless babies and such situations are pretty common. There is nothing that would gross the nurses out!

The days may seem to be good and sometimes you might feel isolated with pool emotions, but that is the beauty of this entire experience. Having these fears are pretty common but trust me, if you take care and follow all the precautionary measures, you will do great! So, avoid the pregnancy stress and savor this precious time of your life! 

Let us know in the comment section what are your fears over pregnancy!


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