Week 12 of pregnancy

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In week 12 of pregnancy, the baby bump might be visible as the fetus has doubled in size. You would look like you have gained some weight. The baby is now as big as lime and making its way to the abdomen. Entering the 12th week marks the ending of the first trimester. The risk of miscarriage also drops significantly. This marks as a time for significant changes in the body. The baby starts moving simultaneously this week. 

Your baby is now looking like a little human. You may start observing that the intensity of your pregnancy symptoms is reducing. The uterus is constantly growing and you might start noticing a baby bump. 

What does week 12 of pregnancy look like?

You may be able to fit in some regular clothes, but you might feel uncomfortable and tight. This is a good time to buy some maternity clothes.

Week 12 marks as a time for big changes for the baby. This week the baby has started moving spontaneously this week. The baby is about 3 inches long and weighs about an ounce. 

Fetal development at week 12

The baby is about the size of a lime, with a length of 2 to 2 1/4 inches. It might be hard to notice from the outside but the baby has doubled in the past few weeks

The week marks as the maintenance phase. During this period, the systems in the body of the fetus evolve and the organs start working. The organs function while the muscles and systems begin to develop. 

  • The baby’s skin is developing and currently is delicate and translucent.
  • Bones are getting stronger and harder.
  • The vocal cords of the baby are forming 
  • The baby’s liver is producing red blood cells
  • The placenta is getting fully functional and ready to sustain the baby.
  • The bone marrow is creating white blood cells
  • The pituitary gland at the base of the brain has started secreting hormones that will help her create babies on her own in the next few decades or so
  • The heartbeat can now be heard with external doppler scan
  • The muscles and nervous system is now maturing
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What are the symptoms?

Expanding uterus 

The uterus is expanding to accommodate the baby that is growing at a rapid rate. It is now reaching up to the lower abdomen. You might start feeling heavy and protrude ever so slightly.

Bladder relief

As the uterus is now growing towards the upper abdomen, you can feel less pressure over the uterus. There will be some pressure off the pelvic bladder, only relieving you with less frequent washroom visits for a period of time.

Skin Changes

Almost ¾ of pregnant women notice skin pigmentation during pregnancy. Melasma is the skin disorder that makes the uneven patchy brown skin over the forehead, face, arms, etc. the patches last through the pregnancy.

Vaginal discharge

The vaginal discharge during this time is to protect the baby and is completely normal. It might seem weird to notice such discharge but it protects the vagina from infection. But if it is colored and has a yellow, greenish or pink tint, call your doctor right away. The color may be indicating a sign of infection or even possible miscarriage.

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Self-care tips

Comfortable clothing

Whether you borrow it from a friend or for a shopping sphere yourself, make sure you are getting comfortable clothes. Start adding few stretchy pants or maternity pants in your closet. Try wearing baggy and loose pajamas as these can be worn for a longer period of time.

Avoid Vaccines

It is recommended to avoid vaccines during pregnancy except for Tetanus. 2 shots of tetanus should be given during pregnancy unless one shot was taken recently before pregnancy, then only one is given.

All live vaccines are to be avoided at all costs.

Practicing Kegels

One of the things that most of the women fear over is the pain of labor. The pelvic region stretches itself imaginably more to birth the baby. 

Doing pelvic exercises can result in help with pelvic pain and cause faster recovery post-birth. Building the bladder and stretching the muscles in this exercise helps you to have an easy labor.

Regular movement of various joints and stretching helps avoid aches and pains in the body and back, especially due to the growing belly.

Know what foods to avoid

Try to educate yourself with the foods that are safe during pregnancy and what has to be avoided. Uncooked food can be contaminated with harmful germs. It is important to thoroughly cook your food. Uncooked meat may have eggs of worms, which may hatch in your body and cause various side-effects.

Visit the doctor

Your second prenatal or maybe a subsequent prenatal visit. This appointment might be shorter than usual because most of the information is discussed.

  • You still have to get weight and blood pressure checked every now and then
  • You’ll have a urine sample test that can check your sugar and protein levels so that the healthcare provider suggests a proper diet just for your body’s requirement. 
  • You can most properly hear the baby’s heartbeat, the healthcare provider is most likely to check the heartbeat of the baby.

Important checklist for week 12 pregnancy

  • Continue taking prenatal vitamins
  • Consider adding maternity clothes in your closet
  • Add healthy snacks to your diet
  • Hydrate yourself by taking enough water and fluids
  • Schedule your 16-week prenatal visits to the doctor


Around week 12, you will deal with fewer intensity symptoms and this is the right time to have a check overweight management as you have gradually gained pounds after every few weeks. You might want to know the baby’s health and get some of the genetic testings done if the preliminary tests show doubtful results.

 This process can leave you tense and worried but remember to keep yourself positive in any situation and better talk to the healthcare provider. Make sure to ask enough questions to your doctor to relieve unnecessary worry and everything will be OKAY!



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