Week 13 of pregnancy

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Well, congratulations to make it to week 13 of pregnancy and entering the last days of your first trimester! You can now deal less with the hormonal symptoms and enjoy the perks of having glowing skin and fuller hair.

Also, the chances of miscarriage are also likely to be very low, so as long as you are healthy and get positive results with the tests, you can stop worrying about it. Your hormones even out because the placenta is now working towards the baby’s development and life support. This article is going to guide you with changes that you are most likely to expect after the end of the first trimester

What does week 13 of pregnancy look like

You are officially in the last week of your first trimester. This week, your baby has learned to swallow and discharge urine through the functioning kidneys. You are almost 1/3rd of the way through the total pregnancy period. 

Just a week away from the start of the second trimester, you are most likely to get better soon. Some women don’t see a reduction in the early pregnancy symptoms and it is just as fine. 

Some women experience the symptoms up to a certain level throughout the pregnancy, it is important to discuss these things with your healthcare provider rather than worrying about it and creating unnecessary tension for yourself.

Your uterus is big enough to expand out of the pelvic region. This is the starting period when you would actually start looking pregnant. 

Fetal development at week 13

The baby is almost the size of a lemon or a peapod, being approximately 3 inches in length with the weight of the baby being a little less than an ounce. However, the baby looks more like an alien, with the head being bigger than the body, with the head measuring 1/3rd the size of the body. But don’t worry, the baby would soon look less alien as the body will also start developing rapidly in further weeks.

Every fetus is different from one another. They have their own pace of development. Some develop sooner than others

Your baby goes through some changes as mentioned below

  • Hair follicles have started developing and softer and finer hair has started growing out of them.
  • Intestines and vocal cords are developing. The intestines undergo some changes from growing inside the cavity inside the umbilical cord to moving to its right position.
  • The placenta is also growing in size as the hormones become less volatile and the placenta being the support system of the baby, weighing about 1 to 2 pounds during the birth.
  • The vocal cords start developing although you cannot hear anything just yet.
  • Urine production is one of the early activities performed by the developed organs of the fetus. The kidney is now developed enough to be able to discharge urine
  • The teeny-tiny fingertips of the baby are now starting to have their own unique fingerprints! In a few weeks, the fingerprints will be fully formed.

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What are the symptoms?

Food aversions and cravings

If you have cravings for weird food, it is completely okay to binge over as long as it is healthy. Even if it isn’t you can have a little bit or small portions to suppress your cravings but don’t let it take over your diet. 

Visible veins

You may observe your veins in bluish-green color in your body. It is because of the increased blood flow in the body. Make sure you keep your legs elevated to decrease them in your legs.

Stretch marks

As your belly has started to expand and might be visible from outside by now, you might notice purple or red lines appear over it. You can observe these marks over the breasts and thighs. These leave visible pale lines after some time.

Increase in energy

With your energy level on the rise and decline in the intensity of the symptoms, you might feel much more energized. This is the best time to get your to-do list on track and complete as many activities that you were tired of doing in the previous weeks. 

Week 13 of pregnancy

Self-care tips

Do some food research for pregnancy

It is never too late to start having a healthy diet. Focus on wholesome food that provides more energy. Prefer cooked food over uncooked food. Make sure that your food is not contaminated and is always thoroughly washed. Fruits rich in antioxidants make a good snack.


This week is all about adding some pelvic exercises to your fitness routine. Walking, yoga and lightweight are great options to start from. Start doing exercises for back pain and stretches to help make your muscles in the back and pelvic region more flexible. 

Caring for the skin

It is impossible to prevent stretch marks. They are results of a growing pregnancy belly. In case you are using any lotions and cream to reduce the stretch marks, you need to be careful because some products might not be safe. Consult your doctor regarding pregnancy-safe ingredients and products available.

Visit the doctor

In case if you go through some severe cramping and pain, make sure you contact the doctor immediately. Keep the check over vaginal discharge color and in case you observe it being greenish, yellow, or red, contact the doctor immediately. Taking up therapy is required to deal with anxiety and pregnancy stress.

  • The doctor is most likely to take a urine test, weight check-up, and blood pressure.
  •  Use a doppler to check and hear the heartbeat, by placing it over the lower abdomen and near the uterus. 
  • Discuss the changing symptoms and changes in your body with your healthcare provider.
  • Prenatal cell-free fetal DNA testing, a non-invasive prenatal testing is done in first trimester screening positive women to observe and detect chromosomal abnormalities.

Unusual circumstances

Cervical cerclage 

Cervical cerclage is usually done if you have a history of cervical insufficiency, which can indicate it to be a weak cervix. It is usually done between weeks 13 and 14.

You can either get general, spinal, or epidural anesthesia, while some surgeons stitch the vagina to avoid it from opening too early and remove the stitches by week 37.

Important checklist for week 13 pregnancy

  • Take your prenatal vitamins
  • Do some pelvic exercises
  • Stay hydrated
  • Make sure that your healthcare provider is just as right for you 
  • Avoid binging over contaminated and junk food and opt for healthy snacking


Your baby has developed a lot in 13 weeks. From a fused and mature egg to a fetus, the baby has undergone immense development. Women also go through some major changes and symptoms of early pregnancy, some taking a toll, but that’s how the journey of pregnancy is. 

Next week will be a big milestone in your pregnancy, you will be done with the first trimester and relieve yourself of some extreme symptoms of the past week.



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