Week 14 of pregnancy

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The second trimester brings a new set of changes and experiences in the pregnancy and you might feel easier and relieved for some time. In week 14 of pregnancy, your bump will start showing up, making the outside world more evident in your pregnancy. However, the bump growth is different in different pregnancies and varies from women to women. 

The possibility of miscarriages is very less now that you and your baby have made the past 13 weeks of pregnancy. 

What does week 14 of pregnancy look like?

Your 14-week pregnancy belly may feel stretchy, painful, and sore because of the stretching of the uterus outside the pelvic region to give enough room to the rapidly growing baby.

If you didn’t have energy exercising in the first trimester, this is the time to start some low-impact exercises as you may feel more energized during this time. You can notice some speed in the weight gain as your symptoms like morning sickness reduce. Your doctor will recommend a weight gain plan according to your BMI.

Fetal development at week 14

The baby has now doubled itself to 3 to 4 inches and now weighs a little less than two ounces. The nervous system has developed with the baby moving and reacting, making expressions like frowning. 

  • The baby is probably practicing how to frown and squint inside your 14 weeks pregnant belly
  • There is noticeably more movement of the baby as it tries to stretch the arms and legs, wiggle around and breathe amniotic acid through the nose in the lungs.
  • The baby’s liver is now secreting bile
  • The external organs are now taking shape and in the stage of development
  • The thyroid gland is making hormones.
  • The intestine is now making meconium which is the first bowel movement of the baby
  • The baby is leaping and bounding and is standing up straight

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What are the symptoms?

 Continued increase in weight

As your symptoms reduce, making the women less prone to weight loss, a healthy and suggested diet can help moms-to-be achieve a healthy weight if they weren’t able to during the first trimester. 

Round ligament pain

You might probably be experiencing some pain and cramps in the lower abdomen. It occurs mostly on the right side. It is because the uterus is stretching to accommodate the growing baby and so is your stomach. The uterus is surrounded by bands of ligaments that run up the sides of the abdomen.

The weight of the baby pulls the ligament, causing sharp pain and cramp periodically. It may wake you up at night, due to sudden movements, make sure that you move gradually. A hot pack in the local area may be helpful. If the pain concerns you, it is better to consult a doctor.

Less breast tenderness

The tenderness might ease out as the mammary glands are sufficiently developed. Despite so, some women experience tenderness and sensitivity throughout their pregnancy.

More energy

As you officially startup with the second trimester, you can notice that your energy level goes up as you feel less fatigue and experience a decline in morning sickness and nauseousness. It might not be true for every pregnant woman. It can continue or get worse throughout the pregnancy.

Week 14 of pregnancy

Self-care tips

  • Take up pregnancy appropriate exercise and stretching routine by taking advantage of the excess energy boost. If you haven’t started exercising already. This week is the best time to start. Make sure you don’t overdo your exercises and practice more of what makes you feel better.
  • Don’t go hard on yourself and give yourself enough rest as you spend more time understanding your body changes and feeling excited for your baby to come. Plan over the child care with your partner so that you both are ready to welcome the baby with open arms. As long as you aren’t facing any complications, you and your baby are safe
  • Make sure you get enough visits to the doctor for the required test and clarifying your doubts. This will relieve you from unnecessary stress and worry. 

  Visit the doctor

  • There is no recommended ultrasound in the 14th week. You won’t be having an ultrasound before the anatomy scan. The doctor is most likely to schedule an ultrasound if you plan to have an amniocentesis. It is only planned for the first trimester screened positive mothers. If you are not planned, then rest assured as your baby has fewer chances of a genetic abnormality.
  • If you experience any of the concerning symptoms, consult the doctor immediately. Some of the symptoms may include vaginal bleeding, fever, headache, extreme cramps and pain, pigmented vaginal discharge, and blurred vision. Keep a regular check on your blood pressure, on a fixed time every day.

Important checklist for week 14 pregnancy

  • Take up childbirth classes with your partner
  • Get yourself moving
  • Plan your test for the next few weeks and schedule appointment
  • Take a healthy diet and continue prenatal vitamins
  • Check up with the doctor in case of any discomfort


Week 14 marks a different phase of pregnancy when you will feel more energized and active. Utilizing this time to create healthier habits is best for you and your baby. The risk of miscarriage has also dropped down, so you can stop worrying about it.

As you continue to get more energized and active, practice pelvic exercises that will help you have shorter labor while birthing the baby. Everyone has a different experience with pregnancy, soak in the journey while it lasts!



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