Week 19 of pregnancy

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You are now in month five of pregnancy! It is week 19 of pregnancy, you would notice some growing pain as your uterus stretches to accommodate the growing baby. It is important to know what aches and pains aren’t normal during pregnancy to early detect any medical complications.

Your baby is now the length of a banana and you are most likely to feel it move by now. You may also feel it making swift movements or kicking you at week 19 of pregnancy

What does week 19 of pregnancy look like?

The baby’s movements are getting more noticeable by week 19 0f pregnancy. Just like the baby bump, this phenomenon varies from women to women and shouldn’t be a matter of concern if you haven’t felt it. The movements get stronger as the weeks pass by week 19 of pregnancy

The weight gain might be of concern as you might have already gained 8 to 14 pounds by now. If the weight gain is significantly low or more, consult the doctor immediately. At whatever stage you are in your pregnancy, it is important to make sure to focus on your well being and happiness. 

Fetal development at week 19 of pregnancy

The baby is about  9 inches in length, about the size of the mango, weighing over 9 ounces. The baby is growing fast but there isn’t much fat in the body yet. The body looks thinner than the head and looks wrinkled. 

  • A protective layer over the skin called vernix caseosa. It protects the baby from amniotic acid, helps prevent wounds, and maintains body temperature.
  • The baby is working and developing its five senses.
  • On the top of the head of the baby, the hair tunnel in the skin that holds the hair on the head has also formed.
  • Although not visible, the baby is working on setting up the first set of teeth.

What are the symptoms at week 19 of pregnancy?

The symptoms such as increased appetite, dizziness, pregnancy brain and many more carry on from the start of the second trimester for the whole time, mostly at week 19 pf pregnancy. The symptoms can vary from women to women and these are not standard

Leg cramps

The leg cramps are one of the most annoying symptoms of week 19 of pregnancy. The painful spasms radiate throughout the calves at night during the second and third trimester. To reduce the impact, just straighten the legs and flex it, feeling the muscles release the pain.


Because of the increase in the blood flow due to pregnancy, you might feel slightly warmer than usual and sweat more. Your skin might get oily, so it is important to wear cool and light clothes and drink enough water.

Pigmentation and stretch marks

Most of the women start noticing stretch marks and pigmentation in the skin. Blame it on the pregnancy hormones and the growing baby bump. The stretch marks may appear to be blue or violet during the pregnancy. Pigmentation is the discolored patches over the skin. These are normal during pregnancy and disappear post-birth

Pelvic Girdle Pain

It is also known as symphysis pubis dysfunction and affects about one out of every 5 pregnant women. You can observe pain in the pelvic joints while walking or any swift movement. Take early action and insist on assessment.

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Self-care tips

Mental wellbeing

Whether you are dealing with complications or not, it is important to focus on your wellbeing for you and your baby’s own good. Create your own wellbeing plan or consult the doctor about your struggles with pregnancy to better cope with it

Reducing round ligament pain

You cannot prevent it but you can reduce the pain by practicing some prenatal stretches and exercises. Avoid standing for long hours and take help by wearing pregnancy belts. Change your positions during sleep and try to maintain good posture, although you might find maintaining body balance difficult now.

Dental care

A healthy diet and dental care routine would help you and your baby have stronger and healthy teeth. Make sure to get enough calcium through your diet and include phosphorus, vitamin D, and C. choose healthy snacks and drink lots of water. Brush your teeth regularly and floss your teeth at least once a week.

Limit sun exposure

You might need to have enough vitamin D exposure, but make sure you are limiting yourself being under the sun for long. Pigmentation is a symptom during pregnancy and excessive exposure can worsen up the discoloration. Use SPF of 30 or more if you are going out.

Special considerations and complications

Progesterone supplementation

Although used as a contraceptive, Progesterone is actually the pregnancy stabilizing hormone. It is never given prophylactically, progesterone can be given for a short duration to preterm labor. It gives us a crucial time to mature the baby’s lungs by giving steroids. It increases the overall chances of survival of a preterm baby tremendously.

Progesterone blockers can be given to initiating delivery on the other hand.

Progesterone is also usually given in the initial weeks of pregnancy in women having recurrent miscarriages. It helps in the implantation of the baby to the uterus wall and also helps in the continuation of pregnancy. It is only given for 10 – 12 weeks here.

Visit the doctor

When to contact the doctor: mild aches and pains are symptoms of pregnancy and perfectly okay. But the intensity of the pain is the cause of the problem. Talk about the pain and changes of your symptoms to your doctor regularly

If the pain gets worse or you find colored discharge or menstrual-like cramps and bleeding, it is an indicator of a serious condition. 

The prenatal test may be scheduled this week with the following possible tests- 

  • The maternal serum screening or quad screen blood test
  • Amniocentesis
  • Level 2 ultrasound

You should also start searching for a pediatrician and ask recommendations from your doctor.

Important checklist for week 19 of pregnancy

  • Research over pediatrician
  • Signing up for childbirth and infant CPR class
  • Work on posture
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Call the doctor if any symptom gets worse


You might experience some serious pain as your uterus stretches, even more, in week 19 of pregnancy, along with the swelling in arms and legs that may likely happen. Although mild aches are normal, don’t overlook the symptoms if it worsens. In case of doubt, call your healthcare provider and share your concerns

Next week might get busy as you are exactly half-way through the pregnancy, ready for some tests or ultrasound if missed this week.



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