Week 25 of pregnancy

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In week 25 of pregnancy, the baby responds to loud noise. The actions get frequent and you can possibly feel a jerk inside you. At this stage, the bump will be equal to the size of a soccer ball. You are well into the second trimester and there are only a few weeks left to the start of the third trimester.

What does week 24 of pregnancy look like?

In week 25 of pregnancy, you should have gained around 13 – 16 pounds in total. Gaining weight can lead to anxiety because steadily gaining weight can be very difficult to keep up with. A part of the weight gain is because of the increase in water content in the body. There is naturally going to be some fluctuations, especially when you have morning sickness, it can be extremely difficult to lose weight and with the cravings, you might gain some extra weight.

Fetal movement in week 25 of pregnancy becomes relatively noticeable. You might notice that during some parts of the day, the movement is swift and faster. If the baby doesn’t move you can reassure yourself that everything is okay! Probably, the baby is asleep and would soon wake up making movements.

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Fetal development at week 24

In week 25 of pregnancy, the baby is now 13 inches long and weighs around 1 ¾ pound, the baby is now gaining body fat and the body is becoming opaque. As the baby is getting big, the baby is now sporting hair over the head. The baby is as big as a cauliflower.

  • The nose now looks like a nose, instead of a small bump. The nostrils are now beginning to open.
  • Capillaries have developed inside the lungs of the baby.
  • The baby’s senses and auditory system is developing and getting more complex. Sooner, it will able to distinguish noises
  • The brain, lungs, and digestive system are formed but not fully developed.
  • The visual system is activated by a few brain nerves, the vision is improving as it now responds to light and the eyelids can now move.
  • The heartbeat of the baby is now 140 beats per minute.
Week 25 of pregnancy

What are the symptoms?

Visible baby bump

The baby bump is now visible and about the size of a soccer ball. Many women experience baby kicks for weeks now, the kicks getting more and more swifter and active. 


You might feel your vagina getting very tight and reverts back to normal. The practice contractions begin unexpectedly and can happen during any part of the day or night.

Trouble sleeping

Week 25 of pregnancy, You might stay up all night because you might be nervous about delivery or the periodic cramps and pain. Different women get to sleep and relax differently. Try to make sure that you don’t use electronic devices close to your sleep time and do anything that disrupts your sleeping pattern.


Baby is pushing the abdomen and digestive tract, reducing the space in the abdomen, pushing the acid up in the esophagus, and burning sensation in the chest. Avoid spicy and greasy food as it can trigger heartburn. 


The discomfort of swollen anal veins is quite immense. It is common in the second half of pregnancy because a lot of pressure is put on the digestive tract. Getting constipation will help prevent straining. It is important to optimize your toilet position by keeping a tiny stool under your feet to prevent unnecessary straining.

Self-care tips

Dental health

If you want to keep your baby safe? Poor oral hygiene is linked with low birth weight babies, preterm delivery, and even pre-eclampsia. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing regularly can reduce the risk of gingivitis.

Untreated gingivitis can cause a more serious problem like periodontitis, which is linked to premature birth. 

Childbirth classes

In week 25 of pregnancy, this is a great time to consider childbirth classes. The course equips you with the complete knowledge and cares that you need to take during labor. The childbirth classes give sufficient information about the pain management techniques and options that you can use to reduce post-birth complications.

Practicing easy exercises and yoga 

Along with the childbirth classes, you should also make sure that your body is eased out and prepared for easy labor. Stretching exercises, especially the ones focused on the pelvic region ensures easy labor and fewer complications post-birth. The pain and cramps also reduce significantly and help you to get through the pregnancy like a queen!

Special considerations and complications

  • There are a lot of changes that happen during pregnancy. Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP) is a common rash in the pregnancy. It can appear anytime after week 24. 
  • Hemorrhoids: Most of the women face swollen, itchy veins due to the expanding uterus, along with the increased blood flow due to the volatility in hormones. Hemorrhoids can be extremely painful and cause rectal bleeding. It is best to have lots of fibre, fluids, and correct your toilet seating to avoid excessive straining.

Visit the doctor

You should try to reach out to the doctor if you experience-

  • Pelvic pain and lower abdomen cramping
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Premature labor symptoms
  • Vaginal bleeding 
  • Burning sensation while urinating
  • Water leakage 
  • Pressure in vagina

Glucose screening

You would have already tested for gestational diabetes. The blood is drawn after giving a syrup in the doctor’s lab. The doctor will provide information by monitoring the blood sugar during the remainder of your pregnancy.

Important checklist for week 25 pregnancy

  • Prepare a list of pediatricians
  • Continue taking your vitamin supplements
  • Take notice of the symptom changes and let the doctor know
  • Seek support and join self-help groups
  • Update your pregnancy journal


You are slowly nearing the end of the second trimester. You might still have a lot of time until your delivery, so you should start considering joining the childbirth classes. Consider yoga and meditation to practice mindfulness and ease out your symptoms. 



Week 24 of pregnancy

Week 26 of pregnancy


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