Week 27 of pregnancy

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At week 27 of pregnancy, you are finishing the second trimester. The baby adds more pounds to your body. As the third-trimester starts, you will notice that your body observes growth with many new changes. The baby is breathing amniotic acid and doing more brain activity. It is time to bid goodbye to your second trimester and start the third trimester afresh.

What does week 27 of pregnancy look like?

Week 27 of pregnancy, the total weight gain by the start of the third trimester is expected to be 13 to 16 pounds. You are supposed to gain around a pound every week, post the first trimester. If you have irregular weight gains, your healthcare provider may ask you to regulate your weight gain. By sticking to the weight gain recommendations, you are reducing pregnancy complications and avoiding intra-uterine growth restriction and preterm labor. 

You will most likely feel a lot of kicks in week 27 of pregnancy belly- you might also feel jerks inside your belly. You can also start counting the kicks and record to make sure that your baby is also active.

Fetal development at week 27 of pregnancy

Week 27 of pregnancy, you are in the 6th month of pregnancy! The baby is growing steadily, measuring about 13 ¾ inches long and weighing around 2 ¼ pounds by the close of 24 weeks. 

  • Baby’s brain is active than ever
  • The neurons and connections help the baby to distinguish the voices
  • The lungs are about to approach maturity as he/she continues to swallow amniotic acid, the kicks occur more regularly.
  • The baby’s taste buds are also very developed now, the taste differences found in different types of food taken in by the mother is also found in the amniotic acid. 
  • The nervous system continues to mature at 27 weeks

What are the symptoms at week 27 of pregnancy?

What are the symptoms?

Common symptoms that you are most likely to experience by the end of this week are- 

  • Leg cramps 
  • Backaches
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Skin, hair, and nail changes

Leg cramps

It is a good time to track the baby’s movements. If you notice a decrease in the pattern of movements, contact your healthcare provider immediately.


As your belly grows, you might get off balance. Gentle stretch your back and consider sleeping over huge body pillows that will help ease the backaches. 

week 27 of pregnancy

Self-care tips

Soothe heat rash

Caused by a combination of an overheated pregnant body, the chances of excess skin rubbing against itself or the clothing is likely to cause friction and result in heat rash in the form of pimply, itchy skin. 

You can use a cool, damp compress to soothe the burning sensation or use a dab of calamine lotion, which is very safe to use. If the rash lasts longer and is more severe, contact your healthcare provider.

Maintain a food journal

Try keeping a food journal and observe how the food is affecting your body and symptoms, note what you experience. Some women find that certain foods have an influence and can trigger certain symptoms.

Combat puffiness

Water retention and puffiness can be a real problem during pregnancy. To reduce this symptom, you should make sure that you are having enough water to flush down your system. Place something cool over your eyes when you first wake up.

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Special considerations and complications 

Practicing or learning the process of delivery

The hospital is definitely the safest and the cleanest place to conduct a delivery. Although a natural process, delivery can come along with some unnecessary complications that can turn out fatal, if not treated urgently. So, it is best to go through online the complete process of delivering a baby and read the possible complications to prepare yourself and watch out for the warning signals. 


Infractions like sexually transmitted diseases ( STIs ) can occur at any point during pregnancy, leading to much more severe complications for the pregnant woman. Many of the infections can be prevented by taking precautionary care.

Infections can cause miscarriage, Ectopic pregnancy, preterm labor and delivery, birth defects, etc. 

Visit the doctor

In the case of an uncomplicated pregnancy, you won’t have a prenatal appointment this week or an ultrasound. however, in case of certain symptoms becomes extreme, it is best suggested to contact your healthcare provider-

  • Extreme swelling in legs, fingers, and ankles
  • Severe vaginal bleeding or discharge
  • Abdominal or pelvic pain
  • Breathing problems
  • Reduction in fetal movement

Also, most pregnant women are suggested to get a whooping cough vaccine in the third trimester. The mother’s body creates antibodies that help fight the infection, which is then transferred passively to the body and protects him for 2 months post-birth. Later on, the child is advised to take a vaccine for further protection. The vaccine is safe for you and the baby. You might have mild swellings, headache, and tiredness, but it resolves in a week usually.

Important checklist for week 27 pregnancy

  • Continue taking prenatal vitamins 
  • Stay hydrated
  • Maintain a food tracker
  • Observe the symptoms and seek consultation if it gets severe
  • Do more moderate and kegel exercises daily


As you inch towards the beginning of the first trimester, your baby is likely to move a lot these days, with responses getting clearer. You might have enjoyed less fatigue this trimester, but soon that would not be the case. A new set of symptoms awaits ahead as you enter the third trimester and towards the delivery date.



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