Week 7 of pregnancy

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At week 7 of pregnancy, you can feel the baby inside, even though it might not be evident to others. You may have gained or lost a couple of pounds depending upon your cravings and fatigue. Feel happy about completing week 7 of your pregnancy successfully. For some women, they start actually feeling signs of pregnancy this week and become aware of the changes in their bodies.

You may have to brace yourself for upcoming challenges, especially the pregnancy hormonal changes that have just started its effect over the body. There is probably no bulge in your stomach, so you can enjoy your little secret as long as it lasts! This article compiles all the necessary information you need to look over at week 7 of pregnancy.

What does week 7 of pregnancy look like?

During week 7 of your pregnancy, you will observe some important changes in your body. The body is preparing itself to nurture your little baby inside for the next few months, although no significant change can be seen outside. 

Women who aren’t sure about their pregnancy this week. It is because you might not look pregnant but you start showing symptoms and signs of pregnancy. You may feel your bra getting tight as your breast grows and get uncomfortable due to bloating.

It is suggested to prep yourself for the upcoming challenges. For the women who are expecting twins, they may observe the symptoms and body changes much earlier.

At 7th week, the baby is more than ⅓ of an inch or around 0.51 inch, almost the size of a blueberry. The tadpole-like structure is now taking the shape of a well structured human-like body. 

  • The tail is getting smaller and will soon disappear.  
  • The baby’s head and face is developing
  • Nostrils and eyes are getting more defined.
  • Hands and feet sprout up
  • The head tends to grow faster than the rest of the body, with the brain growing at a substantial rate.
  • The inner ear, which is responsible for hearing, is almost completely formed. The outer ear has just sprouted and might take a few weeks to develop.
  • The other organs that started to get distinctive in the past week, are also going through rapid development this week.
  • A delicate network of nerves is forming at a rapid rate. Soon the baby will be able to make movement due to signals received and passed back to the muscles through nerves to react.
  • The umbilical cord is also forming a shape. It is a lifeline that connects the baby with the placenta, which provides necessary nutrients and oxygenated blood for the baby’s survival and development.

What are the symptoms?

As the baby starts to rapidly develop itself, the consequence of it over the pregnant woman is also evident. You might start experiencing the pregnancy symptoms at this stage more precisely, as well as some new symptoms this week

Change in the size of uterus

Even though there isn’t much change in the physical appearance, the uterus has increased to a size of lemon, which is double the size of what it was. You might not carry a lot of load until now, but you will start experiencing increased fatigue. muscle fibres in uterus increase till week 12, later on it stretches

Food craving and aversions

You may have the urge to eat a specific kind of food that you might not have liked before. Food aversions is a natural way of indicating to avoid dangerous food. It is okay to indulge into your cravings. But try not to get trapped in your desires and maintain a wholesome and healthy diet. 

Frequent urination 

Now that your uterus is double the size, preparing itself for the developing embryo, the urinary bladder is further pushed. This speeds up the urination process and you find yourself taking more trips to the loo than usual. This is further increased due to the fact that a pregnant mother’s body retains more water, so there is increased blood volume and hence increased filtration.


Blame it on the progesterone increase in your body, you will be feeling bloated and have constipation frequently. Progesterone slows down the muscle tone in the gut, hence the food is not pushed forward as fast as earlier. The slowdown in digestion builds more gas in the intestines.

Heart burn

Progesterone relaxes the upper opening of the stomach, hence there is acid splash on the food pipe, giving the classical acidity symptoms, perceived as heartburn. Antacids do help a lot as they neutralize the acid.

Pregnancy glow

The “pregnancy glow” is the result of increased blood flow in the body including the face. More blood flow in the face can make the cheeks pink and give you a rosy glow. Also, pregnancy hormones can make your skin shiny and oily than before, which resembles a healthy glow.


Cramping is quite common in early pregnancy. The cervix becomes sensitive due to pregnancy and the growth of the baby. As your uterus stretches, it builds pressure over the wall resulting in occasional cramps.

In case of any spotting, inform your doctor as it may be due to a low lying placenta or ectopic pregnancy.

These symptoms vary from women to women, you may have no symptoms at all. Not having symptoms shouldn’t be a cause of worry. The way pregnancy is experienced is a bit different from woman to woman

Week 7 of pregnancy

Self-care tips

Dealing with constipation

In order to deflate your belly and ease out the gas, drink plenty of water, and have a diet full of fiber. Exercise regularly and have more fibers like whole wheat, vegetables, and brown rice.

Skin care routine

Even though you can visibly see a rosy tint on your face, making you glow, some women get their skin more oily than usual. The hormones cause the glands in the skin to secrete oils than usual, resulting in prenatal acne.

Use oil free moisturizers and gentle cleansers twice every day to wash and prep your face. Some topical treatments are considered safe, but salicylic acid, antibiotic creams are not. Your best bet is to consult a healthcare provider to check over your products.

Staying active

Fatigue and nauseousness can take a toll on your mental health. By being active, you reduce its impact over you. It creates a huge difference for you and the baby. 

If you have not exercised much before, create a plan to slowly build a healthy lifestyle. It will avoid future pregnancy complications. 

Visit the doctor

If you have already visited the healthcare provider in the 6th week or will visit in the next few weeks, it is important to stay ready with all the vital information and queries that you can consult with the doctor. The health care provider may ask for a blood or urine test and a possible ultrasound at week 7 in case if you are pregnant with twins or have any pregnancy complications or severe symptoms.

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Special considerations and complications

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

It is a condition in which vomiting of pregnancy leads to weight loss, dehydration, and electrolyte imbalance. It incapacitates the women in her day-to-day activities. Although it is pretty rare, due to potent antiemetic drugs, it can be seen in 1 in 1,000 pregnancies. Women suffering from hypothyroidism could be at risk. Make sure you drink fluids and visit your doctor if the symptoms are uncontrolled.


During the 7th week, most pregnant women experience early pregnancy symptoms. While it may all be new and take some time to settle in, take measures to make sure you adjust along with these symptoms because they aren’t going anytime soon. You cannot avoid it but you can definitely minimize the symptoms. It is okay to call your doctor and seek consultation.

Be vocal and open about your current situation. The discomforts would continue in the following weeks, as your baby starts to rapidly develop and look more and more like a little human.



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