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Nurse Neetu verma – Midwife and coronavirus warrior in the state of MP, India

Toddler Junction

Helping you create conscious parenthood!

We strive to create a positive community of professionals and parents that will help you have a positive parenthood experience.
Parenthood is not a phase nut, a very special journey. It may have a beginning but the end does not exist.

To appreciate and go through the ups and downs of parenthood with ease, you might seek guidance, companion, and a trusted source. Toddler Junction strives to serve this purpose.

We serve as a community of professionals, parents, and authors to answer all your parenthood questions and give you all the necessary information. From preparing yourself to parenthood to parenting for teens, Toddler Junction is a one-stop guide to help you with all your parenting challenges.

Our goal is to serve as a large community of professionals, providing you first-hand suggestions and recommendations for parenting. Our professional editors and authors are always here to help you with information on issues like Pregnancy, weeks of pregnancy, complications in pregnancy, parenting, relationships, baby names, preschool, kids, rhymes, worksheet games, and much more!

Who we are

Toddler Junction is an inspiring, research-based, and informative one-stop platform for all things parenting. We consistently strive to provide expert tips, advice, and articles that would assist you as you navigate through the tough journey of parenting. We understand the dilemma of making decisions during parenthood and its importance over your child’s well-being. Don’t worry, Toddler Junction is at your rescue! You can now have conversations and interact with the professionals so that you can have amazing parenthood.

What do we do

Our prime focus and aim are to deliver easy-to-understand and well-crafted content by a network of authors, medical professionals, nutritionists, pediatricians, and bloggers aiming to deliver the best advice and actionable data that can help solve most of your parenting problems. The articles are reviewed by professionals to make sure our parent readers get the right advice.

Why Toddler Junction

Our work is authentic and expert reviewed. In the pool of so much contradictory advice and suggestions all over the internet, it can be difficult for the readers to interpret and make decisions. Our article steers conversations and creates better clarity over the queries. Also, our articles are curated over various perspectives, helping you make decisions that are unique for you.

Founder,Reviewers & Editors

Meet the Team

Nurse Neetu Verma

Working as a Nurse in corona ward in the state of Madhya pradesh,india

I am Co-Founder of toddlerjunction.com and also currently working in corona ward of a hospital owned by Govenment of India in the state of MP, India.I am also a certified nurse in General Nursing – midwife I am passionate about writing and try to write as and when I can. 

Poonam Amit Singh

Founder ToddlerJunction
Principal cambridge Montessori kaggadasapura

I am Co-Founder of toddlerjunction.com and Principal of Cambridge Montessori Preschool and DayCare Kaggadasapura Branch. I am also a Montessori certified teacher and have 5+ years of experience working with kids. I like writing on topics related to kids and education as I am very closely associated with this domain.

Dr Rupinder Gill


I am a doctor currently located in Pondicherry, India. I have written articles for International Journal of Science and Research and Indian Council of Medical Research. I have a blog online and have written health care articles for a couple of websites. If you want an online consultation, kindly click on the ‘Book Appointment’ option. Thank you.

Anu Chaudhari


I am Anu Chaudhari, a writer from India. I am an Indian, aged 22. I love to write and share my views which has eventually inspired me to write blogs. Kids excite me and after taking classes for them in the past has made me realize how important it is to craft conscious parenthood for a successful upbringing. I like to read books and listen to music in my free time!

Parul Mutha


I am Parul Mutha, aged 24, a writer from India. After working in an IB PYP candidate school, I realized how important it has become for parents and teachers to invent innovative ways to reach a child’s head. I love writing and it works like a therapy to me. I like exploring new things and talking to intellectual people is my favorite hobby!