10 Amazing Baby Abilities

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Written By Poonam Singh

I am co-founder of toddlerjunction.com and Principal of Cambridge Montessori Preschool Bangalore.

Ever imagined what those tiny sparkling eyes are looking at in a room so ordinary? Ever imagined what goes around in that little brain from the moment he wakes up to the second he dozes off?

Babies are born with 300 bones which are 94 more than an adult! there is not just one fact to fascinate you, the world of babies is full of surprises and baby abilities. 

Right from the moment this little life enters your world, it starts surprising you. 

Try to explore what goes on in that tiny head and notice every cute gesture his little fingers and fragile body makes to fill your life with vibrant colors.

So tie your seat belts and get ready to know 10 incredible abilities of your little ones while you swim in the sky of amazement!

Water Babies

It’s a delight to watch how babies reflexively move their arms and legs when they are submerged in water. They change their rate of respiration and try to hold their breath, all without being told. 

So does that mean your baby is a born swimmer?

NO! Babies are not born with swimming skills but they have reflexes which look like they are born swimmers!

So next time you bathe your baby in a bathtub, do not forget to observe his equipped swimming skills (definitely by not submerging him in water).

A Taste enthusiast

Have you ever imagined why your little one is happily crunching that slice of something which is absolutely tasteless to you? Isn’t it amazing to notice how a child distinguishes so well between something sweet and sour!

Babies are born with 30000 taste buds which is 3 times what an adult has. No wonder why they so taste conscious! They have an absolute high sense of taste by the virtue of these extra buds all over their tiny mouth. 

So next time your child turns into a fussy eater, thank his incredible taste buds!

Your baby can recognize your voice

The moment a baby hears a familiar voice, he starts looking around and responding. Researches have shown that after a certain time, a baby inside a womb can listen to you!

This is the reason why some babies go to sleep only when their mothers sing them lullabies. Not because their mother is a wonderful singer, but because that’s a familiar voice. 

Also, researchers quote that a baby can differentiate between his native and a foreign language and that’s how he learns his mother tongue!

Therefore feel special when your baby reacts only to your’s and your partner’s voice and absolutely ignores a stranger! What amazing baby abilities.

Your baby knows your scent

Mother’s natural scent can soothe an annoyed newborn. Ever wondered why your baby just calms down the moment you hug him?

A newborn can recognize the scent of their mother and mothers don’t need any perfumes for that! It works as a therapy. It is one of the astounding baby abilities.

They are born to shake on rhythm

Watching a baby dance can melt any heart.

Your little one is a born dancer, one of the common baby abilities, you don’t have to train him, he comes equipped with that! 

Babies have a tendency to catch the beat and match it with their cute steps and it’s absolutely a delight to watch them shake their little booties.

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Crocodile tears 

Have you ever wondered most of the times when your baby is crying, he has no tears? And they cry with an accent.

Babies basically howl and shout what we call crying. Babies do this when they want something like when they are hungry or feel cold or anything you can imagine!

You will be surprised to discover how your baby knows who is the right person who will get the things done for him! 

As a parent, you have to decode your baby’s shouting and give him what he needs. 

Baby Boys and Baby Girls are not the same!

Does that mean baby boys and baby girls should be treated differently? Absolutely NO!

A baby is still a baby! You have to nurture them equally with your love and warmth. 

Researches have shown that during the initial months, a baby boy’s brain has a tendency to grow faster than that of a baby girl, particularly to control movement.

On the other hand, a baby girl has more active sensitive organs. They learn faster to speak and feel more intensively.


Better learners than Adults

Caught your baby copying faces that you make before them?

It’s because they’ve learned it from you!

It’s absolutely fascinating to know that babies learn every day at an incredible rate.

Babies learn faster than adults. Their ability to learn a new language, recognize faces, and voices are all proofs.

A baby grows every single day and discovers their huge world. He learns from every single change around him and that’s how he moves forward in life.

Monkey’s Strength Grip

You are mistaken if you compare your baby’s fragile fingers with the strength of his grip. Babies come with superpowers in their grips. You cannot take anything easily away from their fingers until they want to.

You’ll be amazed to see how he puts in all his efforts to hold his favorite toy or anything around that he wishes to.

  He will firmly hold your finger and all your life will make sense.


During their initial months after coming into the world, a baby can see only up to a few inches. 

When you look at a baby and he enlarges his eyeballs and looks curiously at you, it’s all because of this reason. 

A newborn may not be able to look far, but he definitely looks at you very keenly, notices everything, and learns from you.

A baby is nature’s biggest wonder. Right from the moment a mother conceives, the journey of experiencing a child’s growth commences. 

They have amazing inbuilt abilities and can leave you in awe with their superpowers!

Not to forget, the greatest superpower they come with is the ability to fill the world with unconditional love and happiness!


I am co-founder of toddlerjunction.com and Principal of Cambridge Montessori Preschool and DayCare Kaggadasapura Branch. I am also a Montessori certified teacher and have 5+ years of experience working with kids.

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