Hindu Baby Boy Names with meaning

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There are many beautiful Hindu baby boy names to choose from. Whether you are looking for a traditional name or something more modern, there is sure to be the perfect name for your little one. Some popular Hindu baby boy names include Aarav, Arjun, and Rahul.

These names are all rooted in Hindu culture and tradition and are sure to be a source of pride for your family. When choosing a name for your baby boy, be sure to consider all of your options and pick the perfect name that will reflect your child’s unique personality and individuality.

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What are popular Hindu Baby Boy Names with meaning

Aabavaananimplies a person who is responsible and reliableBoy
Aabharanmeans jewel, a variant form of name Abharan which means jewel in SanskritBoy
AabhasSense or Feelings, has a Sanskrit meaning as realizationBoy
AabhassAwareness; A variant name of Abhas which means realizationBoy
AabhavannanLight; also means torch bearer who brings lightBoy
Aabheermeans a Cowherd in Sanskrit, it also means one who is fearlessBoy
Aabheera cow herdBoy
Aabhermeans a Cowherd and is variant form of name AabheerBoy
AachalendraThe word aachalendra means Himalayas, it signifies the person to be strong, UnchallengeableBoy
AacharappanRestless or ProactiveBoy
Aacharyameans Learned Teacher; a variant of Sanskrit name Acharya; Another Name of DronaBoy
AachmanIntake of a Sip of Water Before a Yagya or PujaBoy
Aachuthananother name of Hindu Lord KrishnaBoy
AachuthanLord KrishnaBoy
AadIn The BeginningBoy
Aadalarasanmeans Attraction; one who attracts with his dance; It also represents one of many Lord Shiva’s name in TamilBoy
Aadalarasumeans King of Dance in Tamil; represents Lord Shiva’s name as Nataraja who is considered the Lord of DanceBoy
Aadarshmeans one who has principles in Sanskrit, ideal man; a variant form of name AdarshBoy
AaddharFoundation, Ground work of anything, Base of LifeBoy
AadeepLight, Spiritual Illumination, A source of radianceBoy
AadeshCommand; Message; means instruction in SanskritBoy
Aadeshwaraadeshwar is a south indian name that means God, or the won who is in a high position of authorityBoy
AadhanBe FirstBoy
AadharBase; A variant of Sanskrit name AaddharBoy
AadhavRuler a person who rules or governsBoy
AadhavanSun; Brilliant Like the Sun; Lord Vishnu, A variant of name AadavanBoy
Aadhavanlord vishnuBoy
Aadhevword aadhev means First, Most eminent or exaltedBoy
Aadhiaadhi means beginning, it sometimes also means friendly, imagination, creativity, expression, energeticBoy
AadhiTamil Actor AadhiBoy
AadhikaraLord Shiva, A variant of Sanskrit name Adhikara which means PrincipalBoy
AadhikesavanOne who is Ideal for OthersBoy
AadhimulamOne who is beginning of Everything, Source cause of everythingBoy
AadhinarayananThe First God; A name form of Lord VishnuBoy
AadhiraiA Special StarBoy
AadhiseshanAny One; it is also considered as one of many names of Lord VishnuBoy
AadhishKing, Emperor, Ruler, Person with supreme powerBoy
AadhishankarSri Shankaracharya; Founder of Adwaitha Philosophy ; A name formed after Lord Shiva as ShankarBoy
AadhishankarSri Shankaracharya, founder of Adwaitha PhilosophyBoy
AadhunikModern; New; Latest; a name variant of AdhunikBoy
AadiFirst; Most Important,Beginning; Starting; Source form of lifeBoy
Aadidevthe hindu word aadidev means First of God, the one closest to the almightyBoy
AadijayThe First Victory ; Success;Boy
AadijayThe First VictoryBoy
AadimoolaSupreme Being ; A variant of name AadimoolanBoy
AadimoolanThe name aadimoolan means Dominant, supremeBoy
AadimoolanSupreme BeingBoy
AadinathGod; Supreme Ruler of the Universe; The First GodBoy
Aadinathaanother name of Lord Vishnu or Lord KrishnaBoy
AadiptaBright, Intelligent, Radiant, Luminous, GloriousBoy
AadirOrigin; Beginning; Point of space or time where anything begins; SourceBoy
AadishFull of Wisdom; Intelligent, Knowledgeable, NobleBoy
AadishankarShrishankaracharya; The Founder of Adwaitha PhilosophyBoy
AadishwarAadishwar; Bhagvan; Supreme God; First Jain TirthankaraBoy
AaditPeak; Shade; Sheltered; Bright; Radiant; IlluminateBoy
AaditeySon of Aditi ; refers to being son of the Earth or son of Mother of GodBoy
AaditeyaSon of Aditi ; refers to being son of the Earth or son of Mother of GodBoy
AadithyaThe Sun ; a variant name is AaditvaBoy
AaditvaThe Sun ; A derivative name from name AadithyaBoy
AadityaThe name aaditya means belonging to aditi or SunBoy
AadityapalThe one having superior social standing and the one exalted, of high esteemBoy
Aadityeshaadityesh has meaning of the ultimate power of the sun, the God SunBoy
AadivDelicate; sensitive; mindful to feelings of othersBoy
AadiyapadhamOne who is Very Active or QuickBoy
Aadrikaadrik has meaning of The rising sun between the mountainsBoy
Aadurustaone who is fortunate or luckyBoy
AadvayUnique; unparalleled; exclusive; having no like or equalBoy
AadvedUnequaled or unmatched in the whole UniverseBoy
Aadyotone who is surrounded by lightBoy
Aagarthe word aagra means a person having interest in Music, Excelling in musicBoy
Aaghoshto embrace or lappedBoy
Aaghosha polite askingBoy
AagmanArrival ; Welcome; Warmly receivedBoy
AagneyChild of Flames; Son of the Fire God ; A variant name is AagneyaBoy
AagneyBorn from fireBoy
AagneyaChild of Flames; Son of Agni; Son of the Fire ; Derivative of name AagneyBoy
AagyeyUnknown; meaning something unexplored or not discoveredBoy
AahanIron; Sword ; symbol of military power; inflexible and unrelenting powerBoy
AahirDazzling; Brilliant; To impress deeply; Sparkling; GlitteringBoy
AahishBlessing of GodBoy
AahlaadDelight; To have great pleasure; someone who gives joy and enjoymentBoy
AahlaadithJoyous Person ; A variant of name Aahlaad which means DelightBoy
Aahladone who is happy, cheerful, and full of joyBoy
AahnikPrayer; an object of worship; Devote to God; act of praying to GodBoy
AahvaBeloved; one who is greatly loved; Dear to heartBoy
Aahvanact of soicitaion, invitation or enticementBoy
AahwaanithOne who has Been Invited; Wanted; Something desired; wishBoy
AaishGod Blessings; bestowment by GodBoy
AakaarShape;to evolve; to develop; A variant of name AkarBoy
AakankshDesire; Wish; Crave; LongingBoy
AakarShape, To Form, To Materialize; to evolve; to develop; A variant of name AkarBoy
AakarshAttraction; Beauty; Charm; allurement; Fascinating; EnticingBoy
AakarshanAttraction; Beauty; Charm; allurement; Fascinating; EnticingBoy
AakashThe SkyBoy
AakashdeepThe Sky; Vast Like the SkyBoy
AakavShape, To Form, To Materialize; to evolve; to develop; A variant of name AkarBoy
AakeshSky ; A variant of AakashBoy
Aakhyaone who has high reputation and fame; state of being famousBoy
AakhyaanLegend; Story of Famous Person inscriptionBoy
AakilIntelligent; Smart; Clever; WiseBoy
Aakritaakrit has a meaning of appearance or shape, the person who is unmoldableBoy
AakritiShape, To Form, To Materialize; to evolve; to develop ; A derivative from name AkarBoy
AalapMusical Prelude, Conversation, Prelude to a raga; Skilled in musicBoy
Aalavandanthe name means The writing or something MajesticBoy
Aalavandanthe writingBoy
AalekhLearned; One of many names of Lord Shiva; to become informed; gain knowledgeBoy
AalhadJoy; Happiness; Good Fortune; Pleasure; Be glad; RejoiceBoy
AalhadJoy, HappinessBoy
AalokLight, Bright; be illuminated; RadiatingBoy
AaludaiperumalExplorer of the Sea; Name in devotion of Lord VishnuBoy
AamodPleasure, Pleasant, Accept; Be glad; RejoiceBoy
Aanthe one having Self respect and self esteemBoy
AanalFire; God of fireBoy
AananAppearance; Face; Countenance; Approval; Permit ; Moral SupportBoy
AanandJoy Or Bliss; Happiness; Delight; Pleasure; Good Fortune; Contentment of JoyBoy
Aanandamayeethe one who is very happy and joyous in natureBoy
AanandaprakashWild WindBoy
Aanandswarupfull of joy; Filled with Happiness; Delight; Pleasure;Boy
AanavHumane; pertaining to life qualitiesBoy
Aandaleebthe bulbul birdBoy
AandiThe other name of lord MuruganBoy
AandiLord MuruganBoy
AangsumanSun Rays ; Brightness of the Sun; Radiance from the SunBoy
AanickAtom; smallest source of existenceBoy
AanjaneyLord HanumanBoy
AanjaneyaSon of Anjani; Refers to Lord HanumanBoy
Aanjaneyason of anjaniBoy
AanjayUnconquerable; being victorious; Win; GainBoy
AanshPortion; Allotment by God; InheritedBoy
AapalRegard; sentiment of affection; esteem; respectBoy
Aapttrustworthy, Friend; Believing; Faithful; ReliableBoy
AaquidOne who Seeks the Right Direction; One who Promises;Boy
Aarone who brings light; It is an abbreviated form of AaravBoy
AaraadhakWorshipper ; A variant form of AaradhakBoy
Aaradhakworshipper of God ; A Variant name of AaraadhakBoy
AaradhayRegard; sentiment of affection; esteem; respectBoy
AaradhyAdorable; Charming; Very attractive; DelightfulBoy
Aarajeshthe One who is God of KingsBoy
Aaranaymeans Wild Forest; it signifies fertility, abundance, plentiful, greenery, generosityBoy
Aaranyanmeans Forest; signifies wild greeneryBoy
AaravPeaceful, Ray; Hope; Radiating Light; Sanskrit: “peaceful,” “melodious sound”Boy
AarhantProtector from Enemies; A gaurdianBoy
AarikethGanesh ;God of Knowledge and Wisdom representing Lord GaneshBoy
AarishFirst Ray of Sun;Boy
AaritOne who Seeks the Right Direction; Correct Path;Boy
AaritOne who seeks the right directionBoy
AarivKing of Wisdom ;Knowledge; IntelligenceBoy
AarivKing of WisdomBoy
AarjavOne who is steadfast in Happiness and SorrowBoy
AarmanDesire; Awesome; Crave; Want; WishBoy
AarnavOcean, Sea; Deepest sea; A variant of ArnavBoy
AarnesRed Silk ; Finest like the silkBoy
Aarnikbeing one of a kind or uniqueBoy
Aarogyathe one having great health or being healthyBoy
AarohaAlways Ascending ; One who always arises and never fallsBoy
AaronLight Bringer, Exalted HighBoy
AarpanGiving Away; offering ; To donateBoy
AarshCrown; To gloat; With regal dignity and powerBoy
AarshabhAn Another Name of Lord Sri KrishnaBoy
AarshinPious; Sacred; Religious DevotionBoy
AarthThe meaning; Red Glimpse; God; Supreme Being; CreatorBoy
Aarthred glimpse, godBoy
Aarulbeing brilliantBoy
AarumughamAnother Tamil Name for God Murugan; The God with 6 facesBoy
AarumughasamiGod Murugan; The God with 6 facesBoy
AarunyaSunshine, First rays of the sun; Radiance or Brightness of the sunBoy
AarurdossOne who is in Everyone; present in everyone’s lifeBoy
AarushFirst Ray of Sun; Sunshine; Radiance or Brightness of the sunBoy
AarvGreat feel of peaceful and melodious musicBoy
AaryamanBosom Friend, Play fellow, Companion; Name of one of the old vedic deitieBoy
AaryashBrilliant; IntelligentBoy
AaryavNoble Person; Wise and KnowledgeableBoy
AaryavirBrave Man ; Courageous Person; Fearless manBoy
AaryeshKing of AryaBoy
AaryeshThe King of AryaBoy
AasaithambiPower of Self RespectBoy

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