How Are Montessori Schools Funded

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Written By Poonam Singh

I am co-founder of and Principal of Cambridge Montessori Preschool Bangalore.

Private Montessori schools are usually funded through tuition, donations, and grants. Some public Montessori schools are funded by the government, while others are privately funded.

Tuition for Montessori schools can vary greatly depending on the location and type of school. For example, a public Montessori school in California will have different tuition rates than a private Montessori school in New York.

Donations to Montessori schools are typically used to cover the costs of facilities and resources that the school would not be able to afford otherwise. Grants are usually given to Montessori schools by foundations or other organizations that want to support the school’s mission.

Funding for Montessori Schools

Montessori schools are privately funded through a variety of sources. The most common source of funding is tuition paid by parents. Other funding sources include philanthropic donations, grants, and income from Montessori schools’ endowments.


Parents are the primary source of funding for Montessori schools. Annual tuition for a Montessori school can range from $5,000 to $20,000 per child, depending on the location and quality of the school.


Montessori schools also rely on philanthropic donations from individuals, businesses, and foundations to help cover the school’s costs and provide financial aid to families who cannot afford the full tuition.

Local Government Grants

Montessori schools may receive government or private foundation grants to support specific programs or initiatives. State and local governments can provide grants to Montessori schools to support their operation. Grants can be more flexible and cheaper than other government aid. It allows the Montessori school to support the school’s operation.


Some Montessori schools have endowments that provide a source of income to help cover operating costs. Endowments are usually created through donations from individuals or organizations who wish to support the school’s long-term sustainability.

Montessori Organizations

Many Montessori organizations in the United States and worldwide provide monetary assistance to promote Montessori education.

The American Montessori Society offers funds, scholarships, and grants for various educational purposes, including teacher support, research into Montessori education, and peace education.

It awards The Ursula Thrush Peace Seed Grant to projects that promote peace education. In addition, the American Montessori Society awards mini-grants to encourage research in specific areas of importance to the field of Montessori education.

how are montessori schools funded
Montessori School Funding


Most Montessori schools in the United States and worldwide are privately funded through a combination of tuition, philanthropy, and endowments. 

Many Montessori schools are publicly funded, typically through augmenting per-pupil funding with the district or state funds designating each pupil to a Montessori program.

I am co-founder of and Principal of Cambridge Montessori Preschool and DayCare Kaggadasapura Branch. I am also a Montessori certified teacher and have 5+ years of experience working with kids.

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