Buddhism Baby Names with Meanings

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I am co-founder of toddlerjunction.com and Principal of Cambridge Montessori Preschool Bangalore.

Buddhism is one of the oldest religions in the world and it has a rich history and culture. One of the things that makes Buddhism unique is its baby names. Buddhist baby names are not only beautiful, but they also have deep meanings.

There are a wide variety of Buddhist baby names to choose from, each with its own special meaning. For example, the name “Amitabha” means “infinite light,” while “Bodhidharma” means “awakened one.”

No matter what name you choose for your little one, it is sure to be a beautiful and meaningful addition to your family.

what are popular Buddhism Baby Names with Meanings

AcharaAn angel who is very pretty or beautifulGirl
AdikaThe first child of the second husbandBoy
AgungGrand or greatBoy
AltansarnaiGolden roseGirl
AltantsetsegGolden flowerGirl
AmanthiPeace protectorGirl
AnanadaOne who is prosperous, prosperousBoy
AngkasaThe skyGirl
AnhSmart, intelligentUnisex
AnongA gorgeous woman.Girl
AnumanSmall patienceBoy
AnurakAnurak is the male angel in Thai mythology.Boy
AomTo encircle or to embraceGirl
ArbanA fluent manUnisex
AsahiMorning SunBoy
AtidThe sunBoy
AungSuccess, she who is destined for a successful life.Unisex
BagaskoroSun raysBoy
BagusHandsome or excellentBoy
BaktiAn obedient boyBoy
BankeiTen Thousand BlessingsBoy
BanzanIndestructible MountainBoy
BaoTo Order, To BidUnisex
BassuiHigh Above AverageBoy
BataarHero, a heroic figure.Boy
BatbayarStrong joyBoy
BatjargalFirm happinessBoy
BatsaikhanHe who is strong and nice.Boy
BatuhanFirm, hard or strongBoy
BatukhanA firm rulerBoy
BatzorigCourageous, and strongBoy
BayarmaaMother of joyGirl
BeamRay of lightGirl
BhadrapalaProtector of GoodnessBoy
BiA Chinesee name meaning Green JadeGirl
BoddhidharmaA person who is a follower of BuddhismBoy
BodhidharmaOne who has an allpervading awakened and enlighted mindBoy
BolinAn elder brother of the rainBoy
BolormaaCrystal motherGirl
BrahmadhvajaOne who is the warrior of GodBoy
BuHe who is a leaderBoy
BuddhamitraOne who is Buddha’s firendBoy
BudhOne who is enlightedBoy
BudhhHe who has been enlightedBoy
BudiTo have reason, mind or a characterBoy
BupposoA name that means: BuddhaDharmaSanghaBoy
BusarakhamYellow sapphireGirl
ButsugenAn eye of a BuddhaBoy
ButsujuThe age and life of BuddhaBoy
BuuA person who is a chiefBoy
CahyaOne who is the light in darknessUnisex
CaihongA rainbow in the skyGirl
CaisA person who rejoicesUnisex
CandaviraA male name, mainly given to those who are BuddhistsBoy
CandrasuryaA moonlike manBoy
CanhThe endlessness of the environmentBoy
CaoA Chinesee surnameUnisex
ChaghataiMongolian word for baby.Boy
ChakanAn able bodied person.Boy
ChalermchaiA celebrated victoryBoy
ChaloemThe apexBoy
ChampoHe who is friendlyBoy
ChannarongAn experienced warriorBoy
ChendaThought, intellectGirl
ChenghizHe who is greatest and wise.Boy
ChewaShe who is great or powerful.Girl
ChimeEverlasting or immortalGirl
ChingisA variant of Chenghiz. It means greatest and wise.Boy
ChinshuA calm, soothing placeBoy
ChinuaBlessings from GodUnisex
ChitLove, she who is lovableGirl
ChodenThe devout one or religiousGirl
ChodrenLamb of the DharmaGirl
ChomdenShe who overcomes the negative.Girl
ChoreiTransparent spiritualityBoy
ChosuiWater that is pure and fit for drinking purposeBoy
ChozenClear, transparent meditation practiceBoy
ChugaiTranscending Universe; to exist above and independentBoy
ChuluunStone, or he who is strong as stone.Boy
ChuluunboldStone steelBoy
ChuongChapter; a part of a whole storyBoy
CuongFlourishing, healthyBoy
DachenGreat joyBoy
DaibaiA PlumBoy
DaidenA transmissionBoy
DaidoThe greatest way possibleBoy
DaijiFilled with love and compassionBoy
DaikakuEnlightenment of mindBoy
DaikanPowerful and activeBoy
DaikoPowerful lightBoy
DaininOne who has great patienceBoy
DaishinTruthful; one who has a pure soulBoy
DaivikaRelated to the Gods.Boy
DanasuraAmong DonorsBoy
DasbalaVery powerful man from the heartBoy
DashinOne who is contentBoy
DayakurcaOne who is the storehouse of compassionBoy
DechaPower, a powerful personBoy
DechenOne who can reach out for happiness and joyGirl
DedanHaving happinessBoy
DenkatsuOne which is active as lightningBoy
DenpaA variant of Denpo, meaning truth.Boy
DipankaraOne who loves to be in a peaceful stateBoy
DivijataOne who has power to overcome every obstacleBoy
DojinIt means path of loveUnisex
DokaiWay steps,Unisex
DoryuOne who understands the ways of a dragonBoy
DoyuOne who preserves the morality; understands loveBoy
DrdhahanusOne who has a pure heart ; loving naturedBoy
DrtakaA person who is stubborn but of friendly nature.Boy
DrukThunder dragonGirl
DrukiThey are peace loving individualsGirl
DuangkamolRight from the heart.Girl
DuanphenFull moonGirl
EidoIlluminating way; one who can do great thingsBoy
EindraA name of Lord IndraGirl
EkaijinkoOne who is virtuous and ocean of wisdomBoy
EnkhjargalPeaceful happiness or peace blessingGirl
EnkhtuyaRay of peaceGirl
Enmeibright circle or life sustaining.Boy
ErdenechimegJewel ornamentGirl
Erhia musical instrument.Girl
Eshinunderstanding mind or wisdom.Boy
Etsudoa Japanese name meaning joy and child.Girl
FaChinesee name meaning a new beginningBoy
FaiChinesee name meaning beginningBoy
FengOne who is like a Phoenix. Also means mapleBoy
FuRefers to well to do and prosperous.Boy
FujiRefers to prosperous objective or flourishing opinion.Girl
FumihiroRefers extensive condemnation.Boy
FumikoAcademic or intellectual.Girl
GanThe bold one.Unisex
GanbaatarSteel heroBoy
GangHard, rigid or strongBoy
GansukhSteel axeBoy
GantulgaSteel hearthBoy
GanzorigSteel, courage, brave. A brave man.Boy
GarmaGoddess of danceGirl
GawaJoy and happinessGirl
GenghisA variant of Chenghiz. It means greatest and wise.Boy
GenjiWho is most valuable as Gold.Girl
GenkeiThe one who deserves honour and integrity.Boy
GewaPositive karmaGirl
GoldeheveThe one with sixth sense, high energy level, senstiveness and possess a high sense of awareness.Girl
GoldeholdaA person who is rich and have a huge collection of ornaments. In other meanings a person who is very intelligent.Girl
GurtejThey are very religious and obidient to their Guru.They are very soft and kind hearted but strict about their religionBoy
GurtekThey are very religious and obidient to their Guru.They are very soft and kind hearted but strict about their religionBoy
HanumantaPuffy CheeksBoy
HanumanthHindu Lord RamaBoy
HaymarA variant of Hayma, meaning forest.Girl
HeljoBlessed, HolyGirl
HellaSuccessful, victoriousGirl
HemlalOne of the names of BuddhaBoy
HlaShe who is beautifulGirl
HlaingPlenty, plentifulUnisex
HopkinsA surname, means a famous manBoy
Hopkinsonson of HobBoy
HtayRich and wealthyUnisex
HtetOne who is sharp.Unisex
HtinAppear, appearanceUnisex
HtutApex, tipUnisex
IndazitaName of the bow and arrow wielding son of the conqueror of the king of Gods.Boy
InzaliPrayer, offeringsGirl
ItsukiTimber treeBoy
JahleeA godlike personBoy
JahleelOne who has hope in GodBoy
JampaKindness or benevolenceGirl
JayasuryaVictorious sunBoy
JayathiExperiencing victory, rejoicing for victoryGirl
JiaolongLooks like a dragon; A scaled DragonBoy
JieChinesee One who is Pure; ChasteBoy
Jimmylindependent, quick in decisions, frank, straightforward and simply do not tolerate hypocrisy. They keep themselves constantly busy and feel powerful in helping others.Boy
Jimutathey are commited to their family and friends. Responsible, sensitive and loving in nature. They have skill to balance their life.Boy
JinChinesee Gold; Metal; Money; Embroided; Bright; FerryBoy
JochiSon of ChenghizBoy
JusteeneThe name Justeene means Righteous, UprightGirl

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Buddhism Baby Names

I am co-founder of toddlerjunction.com and Principal of Cambridge Montessori Preschool and DayCare Kaggadasapura Branch. I am also a Montessori certified teacher and have 5+ years of experience working with kids.

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