Jainism Baby Names with Meanings

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Jainism is one of the oldest religions in the world, and it has a rich tradition of naming babies. Jain baby names are often based on religious concepts and principles, and they often have deep meanings. Some popular Jain baby names include Anant, which means “eternal,” and Jina, which means “conqueror.” Jain baby names can be given to both boys and girls, and they are often chosen to reflect the values of the parents. Jainism is a religion that emphasizes peace, non-violence, and respect for all life, and these values are reflected in the names that Jains choose for their children.

What are popular Jainism Baby Names with Meanings?

AanatOne who is humble and very courteousBoy
AanayAanay is another name of Lord Ganesha.Boy
AatmanA happy soul or essenceBoy
AaushiOne who is careful, knowledgeable and blessed with a long LifeGirl
AjeyOne who is invincible, unconquerable and successfulBoy
AmoghvarshAnother name of Lord Ganesha. Also the name of a Jain king of medieval Maharashtra.Boy
AneriOne who is extraordinaryGirl
ArhadasA variant of Arhant, meaning destroyer of enemies.Boy
ArhnathThe name is derived from Arhant and means destroyer of enemies.Boy
AtiveerOne who is extremely brave and courageous.Boy
BhadrabahuName of a famous Jain Acharya from medieval India. It means a pious and blessed man.Boy
BhamandalBhamandal is the name of Seeta’s brother mentioned only in Jain Ramayan.Boy
BharamEsteem, pride, reputationBoy
BharateshwarThe name is derived from Bharat and means being maintained.Boy
BharatrajAnother Jain variation of Bharat, meaning being maintained.Boy
BhartenduMoon of IndiaBoy
BhavishaFuture, one who can see the future.Girl
BhrantiDay dreamGirl
BramhilaIt’s a variation of Bramhi, one of many names of Lord Saraswati.Girl
ChakreshwariChakreshwari was the Yakshini of Lord Rishabhdev.Girl
ChampapuriChampapuri is a variation of Champa, which is the name of a fragrant flower.Girl
ChamundraiThe name of the commander in chief of Jain king Gangraj in medieval Karnataka.Boy
ChandanbalaChandanbala is derived from Chandana and means scented wood or sandalwood.Girl
ChandraguptaProtected by the moon. It’s the name of the king of Maurya dynasty and disciple of Chanakya.Boy
ChandraprabhuThe name of the 8th Tirthankara. It means lord of the moon.Boy
CharmiLovely, a lovely girlGirl
ChelanaAwareness. It’s the name of King Shrenik’s wife.Girl
ChitiLove, one whose heart is filled with love.Girl
DarshikaOne who is intelligent and wiseGirl
DevanshiDivine, divine powerGirl
DharinGift, gift of LordBoy
DhariniThe earthGirl
DharsenName of a famous Jain AcharyaBoy
DhavalThe fair one, a fair childBoy
DhimantOne who is wise and intelligentBoy
DhiramEarth, belonging to earthBoy
DhirenOne who is strong and mightyBoy
DhishaJain variation of Disha. It means direction or side.Girl
DhvanishSound, melodyBoy
DivyaprabhaDivine lusterGirl
GomteshAnother name of Bahubali. It means strong.Boy
IleshLord of the earthBoy
IndrabhutiA name of Gautam Gandhar.Boy
IndraniIndrani is the name of Hindu goddess of beauty and wife of Lord Indra. The name means queen of IndraGirl
JayanaArmor, or causing victoryGirl
JinaliA name of Lord VishnuGirl
JwalamaliniA Jain yakshini, flameGirl
KhushaliHappiness, one who brings happinessGirl
KrupeshKindness, one who is kind to everyone.Boy
KunthinathIt’s derived from the name Kunthunath and means the 17th Jain Tirthankara.Boy
KunthunathKunthunath is the name of the 17th Jain Tirthankara.Boy
KunthusagarA variation of the Jain name Kunthunath.Boy
KushmandiniA Jain yakshiniGirl
LabhdiOne with heavenly powerGirl
MallinathThe name of the 19th Tirthankara.Boy
MarudeviName of lord Rishbhdev’s mother.Girl
MrugaMruga is the name of a birdGirl
MrugeshLion, as strong and mighty as lion.Boy
MunindraThe best among the saints.Boy
MunisuvratMunisuvrat is the name of 20thJain Tirthankara.Boy
NabhikumarNabhikumar is derived from the name Nabhiraj and means father of Lord Rishabhdev.Boy
NabhinandanA name of Lord RishabhdevBoy
NabhirayA variation of the name Nabhiraj. It means father of Lord Rishabhdev.Boy
NagkumarThe son of serpents.Boy
NainshiA lady with beautiful eyesGirl
NamikumarNamikumar is a variation of Naminath. It’s the name of the 21st Tirthankara.Boy
NaminathNaminath is the name of the 21st Tirthankara.Boy
NandivardhanNandivardhan is the name of Lord Mahavir’s brother.Boy
NemdasNemdas is a variation of Neminath. It’s the name of 22nd Tirthankara.Boy
NemendraNemendra is a variation of Neminath. It’s the name of 22nd Tirthankara.Boy
NemidasNemidas is derived from the name Neminath.Boy
NemikumarNemikumar is a variation of Neminath. It’s the name of 22nd Tirthankara.Boy
NemishNemish is a variation of the name Neminath.Boy
NitaliA girl who is full of Grace, God is givingGirl
PadmakumarPadmakumar is a derivation of Padmaprabhu.Boy
PadmanathPadmanath is derived from the name Padmaprabhu.Boy
PadmaprabhuPadmaprabhu is the name of the 6th Tirthankara of Jainism.Boy
ParshvanathParshvanath is the name of the twentythird Tirthankara of Jainism. It means ‘beloved of men’.Boy
ParshwaParsha is the short form of Parshvanath and means ‘beloved of men’.Boy
ParshwakumarParshwakumar is the variation of Parshvanath. It means ‘beloved of men’.Boy
PavaPava is derived from Pawapuri, the place where Lord Mahavir attained nirvanaGirl
PawapuriPawapuri is the name of the place where Lord Mahavir attained nirvanaGirl
PratishtaOne who is has a distinguished, and well establishment status.Girl
PurtiComplete or purificationGirl
RajmatiRajmati was the name of Lord Neminath’s fiancée.Girl
RasheshRashesh is another name of Lord Krishna.Boy
RateshThe lord of truth.Boy
RiddheshGod of Riddhi. Another name of Lord Ganesha.Boy
RishabhdevRishabhdev is the variation of Rishabhnath and means morality.Boy
RishabhkumarRishabhkumar is the alternative to Rishabhnath and means morality.Boy
RishabhnathRishabhnath is the name of the 1st Jain Tirthankara. It means morality, superior.Boy
RishabhrajRishabhraj is derived from the name Rishabhnath and means morality.Boy
RitviLady Indian priest, right guidance, scholar. The one who has completed Vedas.Girl
RushitaA bright and intelligent girl.Girl
SakshatThe one with a real appearance.Boy
SamantbhadraSamantbhadra is the name of a famous Jain Acharya from ancient India. It means to feel complete or whole.Boy
SambhavnathIt’s the name of the 3rd Tirthankara. Sambhavnath means born or manifested.Boy
SamkitRight Knowledge, satisfied, self realization.Boy
SammedSammed is the place where the 20 Tirthankaras attained nirvana.Boy
SamvarOne who is content and satisfied.Boy
SanmatiSanmati is the name of Bhagwan Mahavir. It means noble.Boy
ShantikumarShantikumar is a variation of Shantinath and means lord of peace.Boy
ShantilalOne who is peaceful.Boy
ShantiprasadShantiprasad is derived from Shantinath and means lord of peace.Boy
ShatichandraShatichandra is taken from the name Shantinath and means lord of peace.Boy
ShitalOne who is cool and calm, coldGirl
ShubhaliOne who is capable of being the best friend.Girl
SidheshLord of the blessedBoy
SubhamOne who is a good personBoy
SudharmaSudharma is the name of a Gandhar of Bhagwan Mahavir. It means good law.Boy
SuhashOne with a sweet smile, sweet smiled.Boy
SumangalaThe one who makes everything good. Also the name of Rishabhdev’s wife.Girl
SumatikumarSumatikumar is a variation of Sumatinath. Sumatinath is the name of 5th Tirthankara.Boy
SumerGold mountain, born in the summer month.Boy
SupalPrecious time, the importance of time.Boy
SuparshwaA 7th teerthankar’s nameBoy
SushaliOne who carries herself with good conduct.Girl
SuveshA who is extremely handsome and good looking.Boy
SuvidhaFacility or convenienceGirl
SuvratOne who is strict in religious vows. It’s also the name of a Jain god.Boy
SvatiThe star ArcturusGirl
TakshilPerson with a strong character.Boy
TirtheshThe name is derived from Tirth and means ford.Boy
TrupalOne with an active, agile and fun loving personality.Boy
UditaThe one who has risenGirl
UllupiA girl with a pretty face.Girl
UmangiHappiness, joyGirl
UnnatiDevelopment and progressGirl
UrmilaWaves of passion. It’s also the name of Lakshman’s wife.Girl
UrmishThe one full of feelings for everyone.Boy
UrviOur mother earthGirl
UrvishLord of the earthBoy
VallabhiOne who is beloved. It’s also the name of a raga.Girl
VamaA lovely womanGirl
VandanaAdoration, bright star, salutation, worshipGirl
VanrajKing of the forest, lionBoy
VapraGarden bedGirl
VardhmanGrowth. It’s another name of Bhagwan Mahavir.Boy
VarshilGood and well behaved boy.Boy
VasuOne who is divine and preciousBoy
VasupujyaVasupujya is the name of the 12th Tirthankara.Boy
VatshaA term used for both calf and daughter.Girl
VeerendraLord of the courageous men.Boy
VeereshOne who is brave and strong.Boy
VibhaAnother name of Goddess Lakshmi. It means light or radiance.Girl
VibhutiAnother name of Goddess Lakshmi. It means great personality.Girl
VidyaWisdom. Another name of Goddess SarasvatiGirl
VidyadharA learned personBoy
VidyanandOne who is happy with his knowledgeBoy
VidyasagarThe ocean of learningBoy
VimalnathVimalnath was the 13th Tirthankara of Jainism.Boy
VinayModesty, a person who’s humble and modest.Boy
VinayaOne who is modest and humble.Girl
VipraMoon, the brightness of moonGirl
ViramA man who is very strong.Boy
ViraniThe descendentGirl
VirenOne who is the leader of heroesBoy
VishalGreat, grandeur, magnificent, eminence, prominence, and illustriousness. The meaning also attributes to the property of being grand.Boy
VishaliBeautiful, creative, the one who has a big heart. It’s also the name of an Indian Goddess.Girl
VisheshSpecial, someone who’s specialBoy
VrajeshA name of Lord KrishnaBoy
VruddhiGrowth, growth in family or businessGirl
VrundaBasil, tulsi. Another name of Goddess Sita.Girl
VruttiTemper or nature of a particular thing or situationGirl
YashashviOne who has the blessing of the lord on herself.Girl
YasheshFame and popularityBoy
YeshaFame, one who desires fameGirl
YogendraThe God of yogaBoy
ZankhanaOne who holds a deep desire in her heart.Girl
ZarnaA variation of the name Jharna. It means flow of waterGirl

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Jainism baby names


Jainism baby names

Jainism baby names

I am co-founder of toddlerjunction.com and Principal of Cambridge Montessori Preschool and DayCare Kaggadasapura Branch. I am also a Montessori certified teacher and have 5+ years of experience working with kids.

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