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Buddhism is one of the oldest religions in the world and it has a rich history. Baby girl names that have meanings associated with Buddhism can be beautiful and unique choices for your little one.

There are a number of beautiful Buddhism baby girl names with lovely meanings. For example, the name “Buddha” means “awakened one” or “enlightened one.” “Dharma” means “truth” or “law.” “Nirvana” means “liberation” or “freedom from suffering.” “Samsara” means “rebirth” or “cyclic existence.” “Tara” means “saviouress” or “deliverer.” “Ratna” means “jewel” or “treasure.” “Padma” means “lotus” or “symbol of purity.”

These are just a few of the many beautiful Buddhist baby girl names with lovely meanings. Whether you are looking for a name with religious significance or one that is simply pretty and unique, consider a Buddhist baby girl name for your little one.

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What are popular Buddhism Baby Girl Names With Meanings | Buddhist Girl Name list

AcharaAn angel who is very pretty or beautifulGirl
AltansarnaiGolden roseGirl
AltantsetsegGolden flowerGirl
AmanthiPeace protectorGirl
AngkasaThe skyGirl
AnongA gorgeous woman.Girl
AomTo encircle or to embraceGirl
BayarmaaMother of joyGirl
BeamRay of lightGirl
BiA Chinesee name meaning Green JadeGirl
BolormaaCrystal motherGirl
BusarakhamYellow sapphireGirl
CaihongA rainbow in the skyGirl
ChendaThought, intellectGirl
ChewaShe who is great or powerful.Girl
ChimeEverlasting or immortalGirl
ChitLove, she who is lovableGirl
ChodenThe devout one or religiousGirl
ChodrenLamb of the DharmaGirl
ChomdenShe who overcomes the negative.Girl
DechenOne who can reach out for happiness and joyGirl
DrukThunder dragonGirl
DrukiThey are peace loving individualsGirl
DuangkamolRight from the heart.Girl
DuanphenFull moonGirl
EindraA name of Lord IndraGirl
EnkhjargalPeaceful happiness or peace blessingGirl
EnkhtuyaRay of peaceGirl
ErdenechimegJewel ornamentGirl
Erhia musical instrument.Girl
Etsudoa Japanese name meaning joy and child.Girl
FujiRefers to prosperous objective or flourishing opinion.Girl
FumikoAcademic or intellectual.Girl
GarmaGoddess of danceGirl
GawaJoy and happinessGirl
GenjiWho is most valuable as Gold.Girl
GewaPositive karmaGirl
GoldeheveThe one with sixth sense, high energy level, senstiveness and possess a high sense of awareness.Girl
GoldeholdaA person who is rich and have a huge collection of ornaments. In other meanings a person who is very intelligent.Girl
HaymarA variant of Hayma, meaning forest.Girl
HeljoBlessed, HolyGirl
HellaSuccessful, victoriousGirl
HlaShe who is beautifulGirl
InzaliPrayer, offeringsGirl
JampaKindness or benevolenceGirl
JayathiExperiencing victory, rejoicing for victoryGirl
JusteeneThe name Justeene means Righteous, UprightGirl
KannikaA beautiful flowerGirl
KanokDesign or patternGirl
KanokwanKanok means gold, Wan means sweetGirl
KaramiaKaramia means Beloved PeaceGirl
KarawekA bird found in Thailand, birdGirl
KarnchanaA beautiful and lovely girl.Girl
KesangFabulous period of timeGirl
KhulanOnager, wild donkey. It was the name of Genghis Khan’s wife.Girl
KohsoomLotus in Thai language.Girl
KokoroHeart, Mind, Emotions, FeelingsGirl
KongkeaBig WaterGirl
KulapThe flower rose.Girl
KwangThai word for deer.Girl
KyawFamous, fameGirl
KyineShe who smells sweetGirl
LeakhenaAn attribute, characteristic, qualityGirl
MadeeA good beginningGirl
MaleeFlower, a flower in Thailand.Girl
MalivalayaClimbing jasmineGirl
MimaBurmese word for womenGirl
MunkhtsetsegEternal flowerGirl
MyitzuShe who is charmingGirl
NandarRejoice or happinessGirl
NarangerelSun lightGirl
OdtsetsegStar flowerGirl
OdvalMongolian word for chrysanthemum flower.Girl
OhmaLinseed flowerGirl
OpameInfinite lightGirl
OyunchimegWisdom ornamentGirl
OyuunchimegDecorated or noble mindGirl
PakpaoThe fighter kiteGirl
PemaA LotusGirl
PemalaRespect of the lotusGirl
PendenLotus throneGirl
PensriThe beauty of the moon.Girl
PhaibunTo prosper and flourishGirl
PhairohPleasant soundingGirl
PhawtaPleasing to the eyeGirl
PhitsamaiAn adorable woman.Girl
PhurbaBuddhist religious dagger used for rituals by Buddhist mastersGirl
PimchanBeautiful as the moon.Girl
PloyPrecious stone or gemGirl
PrijaIntelligence, an intelligent and smart woman.Girl
RochanaSweet words, one who is very sweet with the words.Girl
SamornA woman who is beautiful and beloved.Girl
SanohSomething that’s pleasant sounding.Girl
SanoukAn enjoyable festival.Girl
SarantsatsralMoon beamGirl
ShendenShe who tries to benefit others.Girl
SirikitA woman with the qualities of a QueenGirl
SiripornOne who is gloriously blessedGirl
SocheataWell born, well grownGirl
SooA charitable, kind and noble personGirl
SookShe of pure natureGirl
SopaAn incredibly pretty girl.Girl
SopheaShe who is a clever and wise oneGirl
SovannahHe who is made of goldGirl
SreyleakPerfect girlGirl
SudaShe who is a daughterGirl
SunakoThe sand child or the dark sideGirl
SunstraA woman with beautiful eyes.Girl
SuongShe is like a fogGirl
TansaneeBeautiful viewGirl
TasaneeA beautiful viewGirl
TenzinProtector of DharmaGirl
TevyAn angelGirl
ThamShe who has descreet graceGirl
ThanA millionGirl
ThandarBurmese word for coralGirl
ThangVictorious oneGirl
ThanhA young voiceGirl
ThawkaPali word for amherstia flower.Girl
ThiA single womanGirl
ThidaA name of Goddess SitaGirl
ThiriSplendor, she who is good lookingGirl
ThoShe who has a long lifeGirl
ThuzarAngel, a girl as beautiful and virtuous as an angelGirl
TiCommon Vietnamese middle nameGirl
TsubameAccept or believe.Girl
TsubasaRefers to section or extension.Girl
TsumugiPongee a soft cloth made from threads of silk, Spinning, Request, BeseechGirl
TsuruStork greeting for a long last life.Girl
TuyaRay of lightGirl
TuyenRefers to archangel or messenger.Girl
TuyetThe girl who is fair in complexion like snowflakes.Girl
UranchimegArtistic decorationGirl
UuliinyagaantsetsegPink flower of mountainGirl
YadanaA form of Yadanar. It means gemGirl
YadanarGem or gemstoneGirl
YunLotus flowerGirl
YuzanaOrange jasmineGirl
ZarniOne who is blessed with beauty, both inner and outer.Girl

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