Jainism Baby Girl Names with Meanings

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Jainism is a religion that originated in India and it is based on the teachings of Mahavira. Jains believe in non-violence, respect for all life forms, and the spiritual liberation of the soul. Jainism baby girl names often have meanings that reflect these values. For example, the name “Aneeka” means “non-violence” and ” compassion.” “Bhavya” means “noble” or “auspicious.” “Devanshi” means “heavenly” or “divine.” “Indira” means “beautiful” or “splendid.” All of these names reflect the core values of Jainism.

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What are popular Jainism Baby Girl Names with Meanings?

AaushiOne who is careful, knowledgeable and blessed with a long LifeGirl
AneriOne who is extraordinaryGirl
BhavishaFuture, one who can see the future.Girl
BhrantiDay dreamGirl
BramhilaIt’s a variation of Bramhi, one of many names of Lord Saraswati.Girl
ChakreshwariChakreshwari was the Yakshini of Lord Rishabhdev.Girl
ChampapuriChampapuri is a variation of Champa, which is the name of a fragrant flower.Girl
ChandanbalaChandanbala is derived from Chandana and means scented wood or sandalwood.Girl
CharmiLovely, a lovely girlGirl
ChelanaAwareness. It’s the name of King Shrenik’s wife.Girl
ChitiLove, one whose heart is filled with love.Girl
DarshikaOne who is intelligent and wiseGirl
DevanshiDivine, divine powerGirl
DhariniThe earthGirl
DhishaJain variation of Disha. It means direction or side.Girl
DivyaprabhaDivine lusterGirl
IndraniIndrani is the name of Hindu goddess of beauty and wife of Lord Indra. The name means queen of IndraGirl
JayanaArmor, or causing victoryGirl
JinaliA name of Lord VishnuGirl
JwalamaliniA Jain yakshini, flameGirl
KhushaliHappiness, one who brings happinessGirl
KushmandiniA Jain yakshiniGirl
LabhdiOne with heavenly powerGirl
MarudeviName of lord Rishbhdev’s mother.Girl
MrugaMruga is the name of a birdGirl
NainshiA lady with beautiful eyesGirl
NitaliA girl who is full of Grace, God is givingGirl
PavaPava is derived from Pawapuri, the place where Lord Mahavir attained nirvanaGirl
PawapuriPawapuri is the name of the place where Lord Mahavir attained nirvanaGirl
PratishtaOne who is has a distinguished, and well establishment status.Girl
PurtiComplete or purificationGirl
RajmatiRajmati was the name of Lord Neminath’s fiancée.Girl
RitviLady Indian priest, right guidance, scholar. The one who has completed Vedas.Girl
RushitaA bright and intelligent girl.Girl
ShitalOne who is cool and calm, coldGirl
ShubhaliOne who is capable of being the best friend.Girl
SumangalaThe one who makes everything good. Also the name of Rishabhdev’s wife.Girl
SushaliOne who carries herself with good conduct.Girl
SuvidhaFacility or convenienceGirl
SvatiThe star ArcturusGirl
UditaThe one who has risenGirl
UllupiA girl with a pretty face.Girl
UmangiHappiness, joyGirl
UnnatiDevelopment and progressGirl
UrmilaWaves of passion. It’s also the name of Lakshman’s wife.Girl
UrviOur mother earthGirl
VallabhiOne who is beloved. It’s also the name of a raga.Girl
VamaA lovely womanGirl
VandanaAdoration, bright star, salutation, worshipGirl
VapraGarden bedGirl
VatshaA term used for both calf and daughter.Girl
VibhaAnother name of Goddess Lakshmi. It means light or radiance.Girl
VibhutiAnother name of Goddess Lakshmi. It means great personality.Girl
VidyaWisdom. Another name of Goddess SarasvatiGirl
VinayaOne who is modest and humble.Girl
VipraMoon, the brightness of moonGirl
ViraniThe descendentGirl
VishaliBeautiful, creative, the one who has a big heart. It’s also the name of an Indian Goddess.Girl
VruddhiGrowth, growth in family or businessGirl
VrundaBasil, tulsi. Another name of Goddess Sita.Girl
VruttiTemper or nature of a particular thing or situationGirl
YashashviOne who has the blessing of the lord on herself.Girl
YeshaFame, one who desires fameGirl
ZankhanaOne who holds a deep desire in her heart.Girl
ZarnaA variation of the name Jharna. It means flow of waterGirl


Jainism Baby Girl Names

Jainism Baby Girl Names

I am co-founder of toddlerjunction.com and Principal of Cambridge Montessori Preschool and DayCare Kaggadasapura Branch. I am also a Montessori certified teacher and have 5+ years of experience working with kids.

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