How do I entertain my child without screen time?

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Written By Poonam Singh

I am co-founder of and Principal of Cambridge Montessori Preschool Bangalore.

It is not surprising that children’s screen time has increased dramatically over the years, given the rise of technology in our daily lives. While technology can be an excellent source of education and pleasure for children, it can also threaten their health and growth.

To ensure that youngsters develop good habits, it is essential to restrict their screen time and encourage alternate activities. But how can we keep our children entertained without screens?

This article will explore some non-technological ways to keep your youngster engaged, physically active, and mentally stimulated. We will discuss creative projects and outdoor activities for children of different ages and interests so that parents can maximize their time with their children without succumbing to screen time.

1. Go for a nature walk

Nature hikes are an excellent alternative to screen-based entertainment for children. There are so many lovely things to discover in nature, and they can inspire awe and admiration for the natural world.

Teach your child to search for animals, plants, and other objects of interest. This is an excellent approach to teaching kids about the outdoors and giving their minds a rest from screen stimuli.

Nature Walk

2. Have a scavenger hunt

Keeping your toddler entertained without using a device might be difficult. An excellent way to involve your youngster is to organize a treasure hunt. This is a terrific method to get your child outside and off the couch.

Create a list of items for your child to find and allow them to explore. This will facilitate the development of your child’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Additionally, it will help your child appreciate the beauty of nature. You can also make it a competition by seeing who can find the most objects in the shortest time.

Scavenger Hunt

3. Play board games

Board games are an excellent alternative to screen time for entertaining your child. Not only do they promote cognitive growth, but they also provide a perfect opportunity for family bonding.

Monopoly and chess are examples of classic board games, whereas Quirkle and Patchwork are examples of more modern board games. Board games can also be tailored to different age groups, so if you have numerous children of varying ages, everyone will be able to join.

In addition, they provide a platform for friendly competition and the practice of essential abilities like logic and strategy.

Board Games

4. Build a fort

Building a fort is an excellent method to keep your toddler entertained without resorting to screen time. Not only is it entertaining and imaginative, but it also allows your youngster to use their creativity. You can assist your child by collecting blankets and couch cushions.

Create a strategy with your youngster and let them take the lead in building a private den. This activity can keep your toddler occupied and interested while fostering family unity.

Build a Fort

5. Do arts and crafts

For some screen-free entertainment, arts and crafts might help your youngster delve into their creative side. From coloring pages to painting and clay sculpture, your child has countless opportunities to explore.

This is an excellent method for getting your child off the couch and away from the television. Additionally, arts and crafts can help your child communicate their feelings, emotions, and ideas creatively and satisfactorily.

In addition, at completion, your youngster can hang their masterpiece or give it as a gift.

Arts and Crafts


In conclusion, there are numerous alternatives to screen-based entertainment for children. Find activities that you and your child love, provide learning opportunities, and develop creativity and imagination. With ingenuity, you can find ways to keep your toddler engaged without relying on screens.

I am co-founder of and Principal of Cambridge Montessori Preschool and DayCare Kaggadasapura Branch. I am also a Montessori certified teacher and have 5+ years of experience working with kids.

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