Indian Morden Sikh Baby Boy Names with Meanings

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I am co-founder of and Principal of Cambridge Montessori Preschool Bangalore.

There are many unique Sikh baby boy names with beautiful meanings. Some of these names are quite popular, while others are more obscure. However, all of these names are special in their own way and are sure to make your little one stand out from the crowd.

Some of the more popular Sikh baby boy names include Aman, which means “peaceful”; Arjun, which means “strong and brave”; Gurpreet, which means “beloved of the guru”; and Harpreet, which means “one who is loved by God.” However, there are many other wonderful names to choose from.

If you are looking for a unique name for your baby boy, consider one of these Sikh baby boy names. Here are just a few of the most popular Sikh baby boy names and their meanings:

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What are popular Sikh Baby Boy Names with Meanings

Aagyapalthe name aagyapal means the one who upholds the state obedienceBoy
AagyapalOne Who Maintains ObedienceBoy
AanandJoy Or BlissBoy
AaradhThe person having Deep love or affectionBoy
AaradhDeep Rapturous Love, AdorationBoy
Aasthe act of waiting or having hopeBoy
AatmaSoul, Light Of The LordBoy
AavaiArrive, to comeBoy
AavaiArrive, To ComeBoy
AbahijeevanFearless LifeBoy
AbhaidevFree Of FearBoy
AbinaashEternal, ImmortalBoy
AcharjeetThe victory of an inanimate objectBoy
AcharpreetAn inanimate love or affectionBoy
AchetUnconscious, one who is not in his conscious sense, a carefree personBoy
AchetbirA carefree brave personBoy
AchetmeetThe friend or companion of the carefree personBoy
AdarshpalKeeper Of IdealsBoy
AgamExtending Far, Profound, UnimaginableBoy
AgamjitGod’S TriumphBoy
AjinderDerived from Rajender means “mighty king” or “Indra the king.”Boy
AkalchetOne remembering and always trusting GodBoy
AkalchetanAware of Eternal LoveBoy
AkaldharamReligion of eternal truth with capability in judging, analyzing and discriminatingBoy
AkaldhianAbsorbed in Eternal one. One living and working with GodBoy
AkalmeetTimeless and Eternal friend. Also simply means friend of GodBoy
AkalpremLove of GodBoy
AkaltatThe Eternal RealityBoy
AkashbirBrave as the sky; Potential of being a philanthropistBoy
AkashpreetLove for SkyBoy
AkhandpreetUndivided loveBoy
AkhareeFrom God’s wordBoy
AkheeOff an eye; In a blink of an eyeBoy
AkhilpalAll Nurturing GodBoy
AmarLong LifeBoy
BalminderA clever person; an honest beingBoy
BandaThe PersonBoy
BhagatveerThe Brave Devotee Of GodBoy
BhavanjotSoothing LightBoy
BilavalA Godlike person with happy personalityBoy
BimalinderPure KingBoy
BimaljeetVictory of the PureBoy
BimaljotPure LightBoy
BimalmeetPure and FriendlyBoy
BimalpalPreserver of PurityBoy
BimalpreetPure and clean LoveBoy
BimalpremPure LoveBoy
BimbakaThe Disc of the Sun or the Moon; Lord of ImagesBoy
BimbisaraThe Essence of the AbsoluteBoy
BincySomeone who Will Make the Best of EverBoy
BinderBrave LeaderBoy
BindumatHas Pearls; Knows the Truth; Wealthy; WiseBoy
BindusaraExcellent Pearl; TruthfulBoy
BinpaulForester Of ModestyBoy
BinwantFull of ModestyBoy
BipinjeetVictory over ForestBoy
BipinjotLighted ForestBoy
BipinmeetFriend of ForestBoy
BipinpreetLove for ForestBoy
BipulaPlenty; Much; Strong; ManifoldBoy
BiradolBrave and UnwaveringBoy
BirakaalEternally BraveBoy
BirapaarWarrior and Limitless CourageBoy
BirbahadurBrave WarriorBoy
BirbalaPowerful WarriorBoy
BirbhoopBrave KingBoy
BirdavinderBrave King of GodsBoy
BiresvaraLord of WarriorsBoy
BirinderdeepLord’s LampBoy
BirinderjeetLord’s VictoryBoy
BirinderjotLord’s LightBoy
BirinderpaulProtected by the LordBoy
BirinderpreetLord’s LoveBoy
BirjeetVictory of the BraveBoy
BirjeevanBrave LifeBoy
BirjotLight of the BraveBoy
BirpalFosterer of BravesBoy
BirpremLove for BravesBoy
BirsaroopEmbodiment of the BraveBoy
BirwantFull of Strength and BraveryBoy
BishandeepLamp of Supreme GodBoy
BishanjeetVictory for Supreme GodBoy
BishanjotLight of the Supreme GodBoy
BishanpreetLove for GodBoy
BishantekSupport of the Supreme GodBoy
BishmeetA Boy who is greatly blessedBoy
BishvajitVictorious in the WorldBoy
BismanBlack; Dark BlueBoy
BisvajitaVictorious in the WorldBoy
BittuLovely BabyBoy
BlajitHe who is a mighty victorBoy
BrahamdevAn angel sent by GodBoy
BrahamjotOne who is in harmony or union with GodBoy
BrahamleenOne who is absorbed and extremely devoted in GodBoy
BrahamsarupOne who has the appearance of the GodBoy
BrahmjogUniting with the Supreme One; uniting with GodBoy
BrahmlokThe devotee of God; one who believes in God and practices ritualsBoy
BrahmpalOne who is under the protection of GodBoy
BrahmprakashEnlightment by the light of the GodBoy
BrahmpreetThe love of God; the love of the AlmightyBoy
BrahmroopA person who is God like, and is considered as the messenger of GodBoy
BrijdevA Boy name of Sikh originBoy
BrijodhA male Sikh nameBoy
BrinderThe ocean’s rulerBoy
BudhjotThe light of the wisdomBoy
BudhpreetOne who loves or infatuate wisdomBoy
BudhroopOne who is the form of Budh or wisdomBoy
BuksisA Bakshish’a alternateBoy
ChabeelaA beautiful, young boyBoy
ChakarpreetA loving servantBoy
ChamanjeetVictory of the gardenBoy
ChamanpreetA lovely, young boyBoy
ChamanroopThe one who is beautiful like a gardenBoy
ChamkaurA BattlefieldBoy
ChananjeetThe one who achieves victoryBoy
ChananjitThe victoryBoy
ChananpreetThe lovely one who is the feet of GodBoy
ChandanbirSandalwood victoryBoy
ChandandeepSandalwood lightBoy
ChanpreetA dedicated and lovely personBoy
CharandevThe person in whose feet lies heavenBoy
CharanjitFeet in which all the victories liesBoy
CharanjivLively feetBoy
CharanjotEverlasting LightBoy
CharankanwalThe one who ha feet like Lotus flowerBoy
CharankawalFeet of a guru; like LotusBoy
CharanrenDust found in God’s feetBoy
CharminderMajestic and beautifulBoy
ChatarThe clever oneBoy
ChattarbhoopA wise and intelligent kingBoy
ChattarbirA wise, strong and handsome beingBoy
ChattarmeetA smart friendBoy
ChattarpalGrowing intelligenceBoy
ChattarwantFilled with wisdomBoy
ChehzaadA young PrinceBoy
ChetveerA brave personBoy
ChintanpreetLoving to meditateBoy
ChiragA lighted lampBoy
ChiranLover of GodBoy
ChiranjeetImmortal; one who cannot dieBoy
ChiranjeevanEverlasting lifeBoy
ChirayuEverlasting oneBoy
ChirjeewanLongevity; long lifeBoy
ChitniranjanBiggest heartBoy
ChitnivasResiding in awarenessBoy
ChitpreetHeart filled with compassionBoy
ChitpremHeart full of loveBoy
CrishdeepOne who sees one GodBoy
DalajitVictory of heart and mindBoy
DalipA born kingBoy
DalipinderLord of the KingsBoy
DaljodhThe one who fights for the teamBoy
DalmeetOne with many friendsBoy
DalpinderLord of KingsBoy
DalpreetA lordBoy
DalrajOne who has power of King’s armyBoy
DalvinderWho is the Lord of a teamBoy
DalvirA heroBoy
DamanjotVery strong lightBoy
DamanjoteControlling lightBoy
DanmeetCharity; giving awayBoy
DarbjotOne who has light of wealthBoy
DarshanbirExalted visionBoy
DarshanjeetGod’s visionBoy
DarshanjotVisions of GodBoy
DarshpreetLove of Lord KrishnaBoy
DatarAnother name for GodBoy
DaulatbirA brave and wealthy personBoy
DaulatwantOne who has immense amount of wealthBoy
DavinderA good and steady worker who is passionate about workBoy
DavinderbirKing of the GodsBoy
DavindermeetMeditating individualBoy
DayabirBrave and kind personBoy
DayajeetVictory; the one who is compassionate and victoriousBoy
DayajotLighted with compassionBoy
DayaljotOne who emits light of mercyBoy
DeentekOne who supports the needy and helplessBoy
DeepshabhadHoly word which spreads in every directionBoy
DilbaagBlossom of the heartBoy
DilbaaghA lionhearted heart; a brave and kid personBoy
DilbaghA brave as well as kind personBoy
DilbirA friendly and loving individualBoy
DiljeevOne who has a courageous heartBoy
DiljitVictory of the heart; feet of GodsBoy
DilraajThey are the ruler of heartsBoy

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Sikh Baby Boy Names

Sikh Baby Boy Names

I am co-founder of and Principal of Cambridge Montessori Preschool and DayCare Kaggadasapura Branch. I am also a Montessori certified teacher and have 5+ years of experience working with kids.

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