Unique Sikh Baby Girl Names with Meanings

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I am co-founder of toddlerjunction.com and Principal of Cambridge Montessori Preschool Bangalore.

There are many beautiful Sikh baby girl names to choose from. Each name has a special meaning that is sure to be a perfect fit for your little one. Some of the most popular Sikh baby girl names include Ananya, which means “unique,” Gurleen, which means “lioness,” and Simran, which means “meditation.” Whatever you choose, your Sikh baby girl’s name is sure to be a perfect reflection of her unique personality.

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What are popular Sikh Baby Girl Names with Meanings?

Aadhaadh as a word means HalfGirl
Aasathe act of staying or remaining in expectationGirl
AchalConstant, ImmovableGirl
AdarshpreetLove Of IdealsGirl
AdishThe ForemostGirl
AdishvarThe Foremost (God)Girl
AgamjotGod’S LightGirl
AkaljeetTimeless and Eternal victory. Also means Triumph of GodGirl
AkhiljeetAll victoriousGirl
ArshpreetLove for skyGirl
BaisakhiName of a very auspicious day in PunjabGirl
BaneeGuru’S WordGirl
BarminderGods Given BeautyGirl
BhagwantjotLight Of GodGirl
BhavishyajotLight Of FutureGirl
BijulLightning FlashGirl
BirgittaPowerful, strongGirl
BisanpreetLove Of GodGirl
BishanGod Who Is ImmaculateGirl
BlaineThin, lean, slightGirl
CharanpalThe one who is under protection of GodGirl
CharanpreetFostered under Lord’s feetGirl
ChuniA scarf that is tied on the headGirl
DivjotA beautiful and bright light; divine lightGirl
EkampoojOne who worships the supreme beingGirl
EkamroopOne who has embodied onenessGirl
EkantikaOne who is singly focusedGirl
EkkamThe one who is unitedGirl
GianpreetA female name meaning One who Loves the Divine Knwledge. The name has Indian, Sikh origin and is represented in Sikh religion.Girl
GregoriaThey are very competent,practical and powerful.The have very strong business mind and achieve all goal.Girl
GresildaThey are creative and life enjoying people.They involved in different activities at a time.Girl
GretchenThey have abilities of leadership.They have great power and wealth and very focused.Girl
GretchineThey have abilities of leadership.They have great power and wealth and very focused.Girl
GretelThey are very passionate,romantic and have magnetic pesonalities.Girl
GrethaThey are very quick,verstile.They have clever mind to solve all issues.Girl
GretheThey love music,arts and drama.They love to do activities all the time.Girl
GretteThe Pearl, The beautiful one or the precious one that will be pious and generous.Girl
GreysiGreysi name is derived from the word grace, which means decency with a special beauty.Girl
GrhiniGrihini means a house wife who do house hold tasks and take care of her house whole dya.Girl
GurkiranThe Ray of Guru’s Light; Radiance and brightness of GuruGirl
HadiyyahGift, reward, souvenir, donation, prizeGirl
Haemgisla Girl or woman from your own neighbourhoodGirl
HaepA happy womanGirl
HaeselA kind of a nutGirl
HafSummer, the warmest seasonGirl
Hafamild rain, moderate rain,Girl
HafeezaGuardian, protector, AmuletGirl
Haffafaglittering, sparkling, shining, slimGirl
HananiahGrace; Mercy; Gift of the LordGirl
HarleeAn altrnate to harleyGirl
HarleenFeminine of harleyGirl
HarshidaGiver of joyGirl
HartleighVariant of HartleyGirl
HarvaA warrior of the armyGirl
HarveenLoving eachGirl
HerominKeeper of the fireplaceGirl
HeryethGirl name in BritishGirl
HesperaDaughter of Cebren, Evening StarGirl
HurriyaA feeling of liberation and freedomGirl
HusanahA very beautiful, gorgeous girlGirl
HusewyfThe wife of a householderGirl
HusewyuaOne who looks the household choresGirl
HushaimaA modest womanGirl
HusnaThe most beautiful girlGirl
HusniaA girl who is beautifulGirl
JackquelinMay God protect herGirl
JaganmohiniThe name of Goddess DurgaGirl
JanaiaGod has heardGirl
JanaleeGod is graciousGirl
JanalizA wood used for making bowsGirl
JanavikaOne who gathers knoledgeGirl
JanayeGod has heard and gave an answerGirl
JanberkOne who likes to explore, creative and full of youthGirl
JanceyOne from the glenGirl
JaneaGod is graciousGirl
JaneahGod is mercifulGirl
JaneanGod is graciousGirl
JaneaneVariation of Jane meaning God is graciousGirl
JaneeGod has shown favorGirl
JaneesaGod is mercifulGirl
JarnIndian name for girlsGirl
JeffieThe one who is fair minded and charming.Girl
JenavaOf the woman raceGirl
JenayaGod is graciousGirl
JeneaGod’s grace endures forever.Girl
JeneanGod’s mercy sustains forever.Girl
JeneeGod endows his mercy upon mankind.Girl
JeneeferThe white colored girlGirl
JeneenGod bestows his grace upon me.Girl
JeneferBright, tender, kind and gentle.Girl
JeneilThe winner of all hard waves.Girl
JeneneThe person who is impartial in her spirits.Girl
JeniannaA graceful or favourable ladyGirl
JenicaGod is kind and compassionate.Girl
JeniceGod is mild and gentle.Girl
JenickaGod has shown his kindness towards me.Girl
JenieGod has shown his mercy towards me.Girl
JenieceGod has poured his grace upon me.Girl
JenifarThe fairer of allGirl
JenifferOne who is fair, a beautiful girlGirl
JenifryRefers to justice of peace.Girl
JenileeBlend of Jenny(God is merciful) and Lee (green field).Girl
JenilynA benevolent and mercifulGirl
JeninaGrace of God.Girl
JheelLake that is so calm and quietGirl
JohneThe modern feminine of the name John or Jon,person having a need to analyze the worldGirl
JohnelleThe person having a deep desire to express himself,feminine of JohnGirl
JohnettaThe modern feminine of the name John or Jon,person having a need to analyze the worldGirl
Jolinnsuch people have high patience and independent. They fight for their right and posses the leadership quality.Girl
Jollenesuch people are powerful and are focused towards their aim. They attain good wealth in their life. If they will implement their ideas, they will surely be successful.Girl
Jomariepeople with this name are radiant in their personality and impressive. They always share the knowledge and eager to learn new things.Girl
Jonakhipeople with this name are honest and easily impress other people with their sense of honesty and outlook. They have a greed for knowledge.Girl
Jonellit means to rejoice. Such people have a fun side and yearn for their innermost desires. They are hardworking and can do almost anything to achieve their goals.Girl
Jonesit means rejoicing. Such people have absolute personality and follow their mind instead of their heart. They have desires and work hard to fulfill their dreams.Girl
Jonetthe name means rejoicing, people with this name love to travel and are involved in many social activities. They are active and fast.Girl
Jonetteit means happiness, jubilation and to rejoice. These people are blessed with many things and advantages. They are born elegant and natural.Girl
Jonilathe word means rejoicing. People with this name have prominent part in their career and have capability to make others happy.Girl
Joninait means cheerful or joyful. People with this name are charmful, youthful and natural in personality.they are truthful and easily captivate others.Girl
Jonitapeople with this name are filled with energy and noble. They easily adapt the changes and bring joy.Girl
Jonixthe name means cheerful or merry. They are flexible in nature and easily adapt new changes in life. They enjoy their life and love everlast.Girl
Jonnait means cheerful and joy. They keep you and others happy. You will surly enjoy their company.Girl
Juliannit means young and youthful. They have a spark and ignite the light in every event and occasion. They are lively and filled with energy.Girl
KaideeKaidee name means Pure, VirginGirl
KaidenceThe name means With Musical RhytmGirl
KajallataKajallata means Iron VesselGirl
KajariThe name Kajari means BirdGirl
KajjalaKajjala name means Kohl or Eye LinerGirl
KajjaliKajjali means Black Eye LinerGirl
KajlaThe name Kajla means Chain Golden ChainGirl
KajolKajal means Eye LinerGirl
KalaiKalai name means Chripping of BirdsGirl
KassiKassi name means Shining upon a ManGirl
KathanikaThe name means WordingGirl
KatheryneThe name means Neat, SimpleGirl
KathiaKathia means Pure, NaturalGirl
KathianThe name means True, PlainGirl
KathieKathie means Pure, UnadulteratedGirl
KathikaKathika means Bestower of CourageGirl
KathlynThe name means Pure and SimpleGirl
KatilynnThe name means Clear, TransparentGirl
KatinaKatina means PureGirl
KatinkaKatinka means Transparent, Clear, PureGirl
KatiyaKatiya means Perfect, PureGirl
KatjaKatja means Neat, Natural, PureGirl
KatlynKatlyn means Unsullied, CleanGirl
KatnissKatniss is a plant name, Sagittaria GenusGirl
KatokaKatoka means PureGirl
KatrenaThe name means Clear, PureGirl
KatresaA graceful person, a pure graceGirl
KatriKatri means PureGirl
KatriannaThe name means Pure, NeatGirl
RamnikShe who is beautifulGirl
SimarleenOne who is completly absorbed in remembranceGirl
SimratOne who remembers through meditationGirl
SiriomThe sound of the great infinityGirl
SmritaA woman who meditatesGirl
StallionjitAn victorious wild horseGirl
SukhdeepA light that the peace bringsGirl
SukhjotThe light that the peace givesGirl
SukhleenOne who is absorbed in God’s love and joyGirl
SukhminderA peacuful place for prayers, a templom of peaceGirl
SukrajanAn individual of peaceful natureGirl
SurinderShe who is the Queen of all the GoddsGirl
TatleenOne who is absorbed in the ultimate truthGirl
TavleenCaptivated by GodGirl
TeijinderjeetOne who wins God of greatnessGirl
TeijinderjitShe who won God of grandeurGirl
TejinderpreetOne who loves the mighty GodGirl

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Sikh Baby Girl Names

Sikh Baby Girl Names

I am co-founder of toddlerjunction.com and Principal of Cambridge Montessori Preschool and DayCare Kaggadasapura Branch. I am also a Montessori certified teacher and have 5+ years of experience working with kids.

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